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Kilometers (Business Travel)

What are kilometers (business travel)?

Kilometers (business travel) refers to the unit of measurement that is typically used to calculate the distance traveled by a business traveler. It is important for businesses and business travelers to accurately track the number of kilometers traveled for a number of reasons. These include reimbursement for travel and the calculation of miles in a frequent flyer program.

Why are kilometers (business travel) important?

If businesses travelers use their own vehicle for corporate travel, they are often requested to keep a track of business mileage to claim back those expenses. This will vary from one business to the next according to a range of factors like the size and location of the business.

Kilometers (or miles) are also often used by airlines to calculate the number of points that a particular passenger has accrued as part of their frequent flyer program. How those points are used, however, depends entirely upon the corporate travel policy that is in place.

How do business travelers track kilometers (business travel)?

Depending on the corporate travel policy that is in place, some business travelers will maintain a mileage log to claim back related expenses on their tax returns. The information that is required will vary from one country to the next, but business travelers will typically need to include the following:

  • The date of travel
  • The itinerary of the trip
  • The purpose of the trip
  • The total distance traveled

Related Questions

Does the employer or the employee keep the points generated from air travel?

The answer to this question depends entirely upon the corporate travel policy that a business has in place. Some companies are happy to allow business travelers to collect those points, while others may collect them on a shared account for use by the company.