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Why TransferWise started with TravelPerk

Fostering Trust and Easy Travel








53% time saved


500 travelers


Operating in 37 countries

TransferWise has completely disrupted the financial industry.

‘Six years ago, two friends were looking for a more affordable way to transfer money to foreign bank accounts. When they couldn’t find it, they created it. Today TransferWise is a billion dollar business, and one of the few companies deserving the title of “unicorn.”

With over 900 employees and multiple offices, business travel management at TransferWise needs to be super smooth and efficient.

We’re in the business of no hidden fees, and making everything transparent. TravelPerk fits that.
Marta Kutt
Marta Kutt
Global Facilities Manager at TransferWise

Searching for the right travel management tool

Marta Kutt, Global Facilities Manager at TransferWise, was looking for a new way to handle travel management when the tool they were using went out of business.

“When looking for replacements, I quickly discovered that most solutions have user interfaces that are very old. The tools are structured in an old way,” says Kutt. “Not at all how the new startups design things to be easy to use.” Kutt sought something that would be not only functional but enjoyable for her colleagues.

“I knew what we were looking for,” she says. Chief among these needs was ease of booking, simplified travel policy compliance, and excellent customer support.

Ease-of-use and product-culture fit

Not only was it hard to find a tool that was attractive and easy to use, but it was also a struggle to find something that was cost-effective. “There are a lot of traditional corporate travel agencies and legacy tools out there who do offer customer support, but you always pay extra for it,” Kutt says.

After talking with contacts at other companies, Kutt discovered TravelPerk. “We’re in the business of no hidden fees, and making everything transparent. TravelPerk fits that,” she says. Not only did she did find a tool that met her needs for easy booking and customer support, but she also found a tool that fit within TransferWise’s culture and mission.

“We set up TravelPerk for our whole company and it went smoother than I could have expected,” says Kutt. “I really like that the TravelPerk team welcomes feedback.” With a similar customer-centric approach, the TravelPerk team took input on product features and listened to TransferWise’s needs.

Challenges with booking, real time traveler support, and lack of data

Kutt recalls a travel mishap before implementing TravelPerk. “I remember one case when a traveler had made it to Gatwick Airport too late and the flight had already left. Me and one of my colleagues had to look for an alternative for him because he absolutely had to get back on the same day. We eventually found him an expensive one-way flight from Heathrow, so he had to travel all the way to Heathrow to fly back to Estonia. It was a last-minute situation that was very stressful.”

Last minute issues like these were not only challenging to administrators, but also frustrating to the travelers themselves who weren’t completely sure where to turn for help during off hours, and who didn’t get support from the previous travel management solution.

While Kutt and her team felt too close to business travel, the finance department had the opposite problem. They experienced a complete lack of visibility, with no easy access to the reports they required to analyze spend.

Administrators love how TravelPerk saves the day and precious time

Implementing TravelPerk has made travel smoother for administrators, who no longer have to arrange everyone’s travel and handle every issue that comes up before, during, or after a trip. As the team grows, this is increasingly important.

The number of travelers is sometimes more than the administrative team can handle. TransferWise has an upcoming summer retreat that will see over 500 employees traveling all at once. It gives Kutt and her team great peace of mind to make use of TravelPerk’s trip support.

TravelPerk is a huge time saver for us. We have so many different things happening at the same time, so if someone comes with an urgent flight change, instead of us working on this one issue, we can spend it doing other things for the office, which is great.

Business travelers love self-booking and loyalty points

TransferWise gives flexibility and autonomy to business travelers who enjoy booking their own trips. An added bonus for travelers is the ability to save their loyalty program information and get points when they fly, which they couldn’t do before.

Kutt says that the feedback from employees has been positive. “Our people say that with TravelPerk, the booking experience is easy,” says Kutt. “And that customer support is very reactive and friendly.”

Employees at TransferWise have also added their voices in online review sites such as G2Crowd and Capterra, noting that “flight choices are pinpointed to needs,” the tool is “easy to use,” that advice is given if “some prices are out of company policy,” and that the trip options are “excellent.”

Kutt has implemented a clear travel policy inside the platform so that the search process is faster for travelers, who can filter flights and hotels based on that policy. Keeping with TransferWise’s company culture of trust, employees aren’t blocked from booking, and administrators trust employees to book the option that they need.

The finance team loves fast, customized reporting with invaluable insight

Administrators save time, travelers get an easy-to-use tool, and everyone has their own reason to love trip support. But there’s another benefit that TransferWise didn’t see coming.

“The finance department receives travel spend reports in the way that is useful for them and the systems they use every day,” says Kutt. “The invoices show everything they need, and the finance team is now able to do analysis on that data.” In addition, a single vendor means a single payment, single invoice issuer, and a single invoice management center. Real time reports allow the TransferWise finance team to have the travel data at their fingertips at any given moment to optimize their travel program on an ongoing basis.

Across departments, and across a variety of different needs, TravelPerk has made business travel super smooth and more enjoyable for TransferWise’s growing team. Best of all, TransferWise is on board with a future-ready solution that can scale alongside TransferWise as the company dominates new markets.

Our people say that with TravelPerk, the booking experience is easy, and that customer support is very reactive and friendly

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Choose a Business Travel Booking Solution That Travelers Love

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