50% Time saved
50 Monthly trips
5 International offices

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"When I took over the travel department, I knew I had to ditch our travel agency and re-evaluate our business travel solution."

Lisi Luperi, Office Manager at DMI

Stuck & unhappy with their travel agency

For years DMI was working with a local travel agency for their business travel management. The promise of saving time and money on corporate travel sounded great, but the reality was quite different.

When Lisi Luperi took over the Office Manager role at DMI she immediately discovered that flight prices were always cheaper on other websites than what was offered by her agency. This basically forced her to book most travel herself to get the best rate. However, that quickly became unsustainable since she would then have to spend hours tracking down invoices and confirmation numbers from each hotel, airline and and booking website separately. This annoying and time-consuming process was exasperated due to the “worst customer support in the world from our travel agency”. In fact, many times she wouldn’t receive any confirmation email at all which led to many stressful and confusing moments for her and her travelers. As her agency, and websites like, usually didn’t allow her to pre-pay for accommodation, travelers would frequently experience difficulties upon arriving to their hotel without the confirmation email or the credit card used to make the reservation.

Enter TravelPerk

About 6 months ago, Lisi made the decision to ditch their outdated travel agency altogether and switch to TravelPerk. She hasn’t looked back since.

Now she saves a lot of time as the tool shows her the best available prices from all possible airlines in one place so she has no longer needs to verify prices from other sites. More importantly, after customizing DMI’s travel policy within the TravelPerk platform, her travelers are now able to book their own trips directly without having to consult her or reference their internal travel policy handbook. Email exchanges have fallen substantially since trips are automatically confirmed in one message and added to the travelers’ calendar. Furthermore, thanks to the TravelPerk’s free 24/7 support, Lisi and her road warriors are more relaxed as they have skilled interlocutors ready to help out with any situation or question at all times.

Results: Slashing time spent booking travel by half & reducing costs by 15%

All in all, DMI has cut the time spent booking travel for about 50 business trips per month by 50%. This was achieved by enabling travelers to book their own trips through automated policies on TravelPerk and accelerating booking speed by 1.5 times thanks to the platform. They also save more than 15% per business trip by avoiding unnecessary agency fees and securing the best offers through TravelPerk. Even more benefits have been created by reducing the time spent on billing and invoicing for the finance team.

"The biggest benefit TravelPerk brings is speed, it’s just so much faster."

Lisi Luperi, Office Manager at DMI