TravelPerk Product & Market Update - March 2022

23 Mar 2022 · 4
In the last month, we've launched a number of updates for both businesses and TravelPerk partners, including cheaper card payments for US customers, new expenses app integrations, our GreenPerk API, and improvements to our sandbox for developers. And anyone traveling to the UK will have less paperwork to complete, as UK travel rules ended last Friday.

Updates for businesses

All UK travel rules to ended last Friday

On Friday 18th March, the UK . Now passengers who are not fully vaccinated will no longer have to take a Covid test before traveling to the UK. The passenger locator form will no longer be necessary either. Anyone traveling overseas from the UK will still need to be aware of the rules for the countries they visit.
No matter whether you are in the UK or elsewhere, you can use our to find out the regulations for your trip.

See corporate and negotiated rates in flight searches

We've improved the visibility of negotiated and corporate rates when travelers search for flights, to help you make the most of these special discounts.
Product Updates Mar Flight Searches 1 1024x644

What to consider when selecting flexible travel options

Flexibility is no longer an option - it’s a necessity. Beyond traditional flexible fares - which normally have a price over 40% higher than standard ones - airlines, hotels, and other providers have started to offer some level of flexibility across different fare types. How do they compare, and how do they differ from solutions like FlexiPerk? Here are the main differences to consider:
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Cheaper card payments for US customers

As part of a series of upcoming improvements to our payment services, we've moved all our US customers to our new local card payments provider. This means they will now benefit from cheaper card payments through TravelPerk.

Improved credit notes

We've improved the information on our credit notes to make them easier for you to manage. Now you'll see information about the trip purpose, trip labels, trip dates, cost center, and traveler.

Ramp..up automated travel expenses - with Ramp & TravelPerk

The receipt-matching integration between TravelPerk and Ramp automates your expenses process, freeing you up from time-consuming receipt collection and expense matching across platforms.
By integrating Ramp & TravelPerk you can:
- Automatically forward all your travel expenses to Ramp. These include any fees (like Premium fees), so you won't see any differences between your card transactions and the information in Ramp.
- Easily associate other out-of-pocket expenses using Ramp.
- Get full visibility of your over travel expenses (even before receiving a consolidated invoice).
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Work from anywhere with a special offer from WeWork for Travelperk customers

We’ve teamed up with WeWork to bring all TravelPerk Premium and Pro customers 50% off the WeWork All Access plan for six months. This monthly membership unlocks hundreds of convenient workspaces, giving you access to professional spaces and amenities close to home and around the world.
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Event planning keeps getting better

Hot on the heels of last month's updates for event planners, you can now personalize the way your event agenda looks to highlight key items or make it easier to read.
Product Updates Mar Event Planning 1024x644

Updates for TravelPerk partners

GreenPerk API - now open to every business that wants to be sustainable

The GreenPerk API, which powers our GreenPerk & CO2 emissions calculations is now available for any business to use to and build more sustainable travel policies & reach net-zero goals.

Faster Oauth integration testing

Good news for partner developers: you can now publish an OAuth integration in your sandbox. This will help you perform a full authorization and integration test between your sandbox account and your application before publishing your integration live.
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The product marketing team
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