The 5 best alternatives to Zoho Expense in 2024

01 Jan 2024 · 11
End-to-end expense management solutions are a must for organizations that manage employee, travel and other business expenses.
Companies that manage business travel know that travel expenses make up a large portion of their total expenses -- the business travel industry is currently worth . This means that businesses need a that integrates with their chosen expense management tool.
If you’re already using Zoho Expense and are considering an alternative, or are looking to implement a new expense management system, you’ll need to consider several Zoho Expense competitors. In this guide, we take a look at the best Zoho Expense alternatives to help you make the right choice for your business needs.

5 Best Zoho Expense alternatives

In case Zoho Expense isn’t the best fit for your business needs, there are plenty of Zoho Expense competitors that can help you manage and optimize your expense management processes.
Below, we examine five of the best alternatives to Zoho Expense for finance teams and managers. As well as an overview of each solution’s main services and functionality.

1. Pleo

Pleo is a cloud-based expense management solution created for businesses to help them manage, track, control, and optimize company spending using physical and virtual cards.
The tool offers payment cards, expense management software, and integrated reimbursement and pay-out services to enable businesses to better manage their expense processes. Managers can also set employee spending limits to help them manage company finances.
Pleo enables employees to add their own banking details to facilitate an easy reimbursement process when they’ve paid for something out of their own pocket. Plus, the tool has built-in fraud protection to detect any illegitimate card usage.
If you need a tool that supports business travel expense management, to help users simplify travel spending and expense processes. When using a Pleo card to make travel plans and purchases, you can automatically match TravelPerk receipts with Pleo expenses to streamline the expense management process.

Pleo noteworthy features

  • Virtual and physical cards that connect to one account enable employees to make both online and in-person purchases.
  • Pleo’s “Pocket” tool combines reimbursements, cash spending, and mileage management in one place.
  • Depending on their subscription type, Pleo offers customers 0.5% or 1% cash back on business purchases.
  • Users can withdraw cash using a physical Pleo card.
  • Once an employee has assigned a spending category to their purchase and taken a photo of the receipt, Pleo automates the entire reconciliation process.

How customers rate Pleo

G2 rating: 4.8/5 (as of February 2023)
Capterra rating: 4.9/5 (as of February 2023)

Pleo pricing

Pleo offers three pricing tiers:
  • Starter: This plan is free for up to three users and is best for entrepreneurs and small, micro companies.
  • Essential: Priced at £39/month, this plan is aimed at businesses that want an all-in-one spending solution.
  • Advanced: This plan costs £69/month and is best for companies with more entities and those that need customized configuration.

Languages supported by Pleo

Pleo supports the following languages: English, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Irish, Portuguese, Spanish, and Swedish.

Pleo vs Zoho Expense

  • Pleo offers a virtual card feature that enables employees to make online purchases and a physical company card. Zoho Expense does not offer this useful feature.
  • Pleo offers Pocket, a feature that enables managers to manage and track all out-of-pocket spending and reimburse their employees quickly. Employees can also reimburse themselves via the Pleo app. Zoho Expense’s reimbursement feature is more manual and involves extra steps.
  • Zoho Expense offers a bigger library of third-party integrations than Pleo.
Pleo is a great Zoho Expense alternative if you’re looking for a nimble tool to manage and simplify your company expenses. Its modern user interface and intuitive features also set it apart from Zoho Expense’s more crowded and feature-heavy solution.
Read a full review of Pleo .

2. Rydoo

Rydoo is an expense management solution that helps businesses set spending limits and per diem allowances, automate and streamline approvals, and access real-time, line-by-line expense information.
The tool offers automatic expense approval, and expenses are checked against company’s activated policies and non-compliant receipts. For business trips, Rydoo also calculates the total expense for users based on the distance to the destination.
Rydoo also has an extensive integrations library to help businesses synchronize their processes. simplifies the expense creation process by automatically gathering flight, hotel, and other travel booking information from the TravelPerk platform and enabling users to complete the expense submission process in Rydoo.

Rydoo noteworthy features

  • Rydoo automatically checks expenses against your activated policies to help you save time on manual expense claim checking.
  • The tool’s receipt scanning feature enables users to take photos of their receipts and have them automatically scanned and read.
  • The solution automatically calculates the mileage reimbursement rate according to specific jurisdictions and company policy.
  • Rydoo uses real-time exchange rates and enables users to create multi-currency expense reports.
  • Managers can approve or reject expenses on the go via the tool’s mobile app.

How customers rate Rydoo

G2 rating: 4.4/5 (as of February 2023)
Capterra rating: 4.4/5 (as of February 2023)

Rydoo pricing

Rydoo offers three pricing options:
  • Essentials: This plan is best for companies that need a minimum of five users, and costs $12/£9 per user/month.
  • Pro: This plan -- which costs $14/£10 per user/month -- also suits businesses that need a minimum of five users, but offers more advanced features. These include online accounting software integrations, card transaction reconciliation, and the creation of per diems/daily allowances.
  • Enterprise: This plan is aimed at larger businesses and enterprises. Rydoo does not share pricing information for this pricing tier, instead operating on a quote-based model.

Languages supported by Rydoo

Rydoo supports the following languages: English, French, Dutch, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, and German.

Rydoo vs Zoho Expense

  • Rydoo’s integration library offers many more software categories than Zoho Expense, including ERP solutions, sustainability management systems, expenses software, and tax solutions.
  • Rydoo’s “Controlling Services” add-on enables managers to entrust expense management and compliance processes to an internal expert.
Rydoo is a good software solution for businesses looking to save time, reduce costs, and increase visibility into their expense processes. The provider also offers scalable pricing plans that suit mid-sized businesses and enterprise organizations.

3. Emburse Certify

A sister solution of Emburse, Emburse Certify is an online platform that enables businesses to manage their employee expense management processes, as well as automate travel and accounts payable processes.
The platform offers a range of features such as automated expense policy enforcement, real-time expense tracking, and automated reimbursement. , which facilitates the automatic sending of itineraries to business travelers' Emburse Certify expenses wallet, making it easier to submit travel expenses for approval.

Emburse Certify noteworthy features

  • Businesses can create virtual and physical cards with specific spend management rules.
  • The tool scans receipts and populates receipt data using optical character recognition.
  • Emburse Certify’s online booking tool enables employees to make policy-compliant travel plans.
  • Users can create and submit expense forms and managers can approve expenses from both smartphone and desktop devices.
  • Certify enables users to enter mileage for a personal vehicle driven for company needs and create an expense report.

How customers rate Emburse Certify

G2 rating: 4.5/5 (as of February 2023)
Capterra rating: 4.7/5 (as of February 2023)

Emburse Certify pricing

Emburse Certify offers three different pricing plans:
  • Certify Now!: This plan is aimed at small businesses with 1-25 employees and costs $12 per user/month.
  • Professional: This plan is designed for businesses with 25-200 employees and offers full-service implementation in under 30 days. Instead of a monthly subscription model, users are charged a monthly service fee on a custom quote basis.
  • Enterprise: For businesses with over 200 employees, users can expect annual fixed pricing on a custom quote basis.

Languages supported by Emburse Certify

Emburse Certify supports the following languages: Norwegian (Bokmal), Indonesian, Japanese, English, Ukrainian, Chinese (Simplified), German, Dutch, Korean, Italian, Thai, French, Turkish, Portuguese, Czech, Chinese (Traditional), Hungarian, Spanish, Finnish, Danish, Swedish, Russian, Arabic, and Polish.

Emburse Certify vs Zoho Expense

  • Zoho Expense has a larger integrations library than Emburse Certify, including integrations with QuickBooks Online, Xero, Netsuite, Oracle, SAP Concur, and Zoho Books.
  • Emburse Certify offers virtual cards with spending limits, whereas Zoho Expense does not offer any type of virtual card.
  • Emburse Certify offers customers the opportunity to earn cashback on purchases. Zoho Expense does not offer cashback opportunities.
Emburse Certify is a good Zoho Expense alternative since it can replace many manual tasks with automations that save finance managers time.

4. Expensify

Expensify is an online expense management and reimbursement app that helps businesses generate detailed reports and track expenses, and helps employees submit easy expense claims with automatic receipt scanning. The solution is also suitable for startups and freelancers.
Across all pricing plans, the tool also offers GPS mileage tracking, per diem management, and bank and credit card transaction importing. Expensify is also available to use on iOS and Android devices.
For companies that engage in business travel, to help automate expense submissions and send real-time travel notifications.

Expensify noteworthy features

  • Users can import their personal and business card transactions to the platform for automatic receipt merging and coding.
  • Expensify offers a corporate credit card that is settled on a daily basis and connects with Expensify to eliminate the need for employees to submit receipts.
  • One-click receipt scanning that automatically captures all the details needed for an expense report.
  • Managers can create approval workflows and customize expense policy rules.
  • Users can sync tax rates from their accounting package and set custom tax names, rates, and codes for different expense policies.

How customers rate Expensify

G2 rating: 4.5/5 (as of February 2023)
Capterra rating: 4.4/5 (as of February 2023)

Expensify pricing

Expensify provides three pricing options:
  • Free: As the name suggests, this tier is free and includes Expensify cards for your whole team and enables you to reimburse expenses, send invoices, and pay bills.
  • Collect: Priced at $5 per user/month with an Expensify Card, this plan offers everything included in the free plan plus accounting integrations, expense approvals, and the ability to run payroll.
  • Control: From $9 per user/month with an Expensify Card, this plan offers all features included in the plans above, plus multiple approvers, expense policies, access control, and custom reporting.

Languages supported by Expensify

Expensify only supports the English language.

Expensify vs Zoho Expense

  • While Zoho Expense supports 15 languages, Expensify only supports English which is something that companies that engage in business travel would need to consider.
  • Expensify enables real-time policy enforcement, while Zoho Expense does not.
  • Expensify offers a proprietary corporate credit card that obviates the need for employees to submit expense receipts. Zoho Expense does not offer its own corporate card.
Expensify is a simple, modern, and effective tool that is geared more towards automating the expense process, while Zoho Expense helps businesses track and manage the entire employee expense life cycle. Zoho also offers a suite of sister solutions that might better suit businesses already using these tools.

5. Webexpenses

Webexpenses is a web-based tool that provides businesses with automated employee expense tracking and reconciliation and invoice processing services.
The solution is designed to automate expense and reimbursement management tasks and offers mileage tracking, automated policy compliance control, and corporate card matching.
to enable businesses to book business trips, and automate expenses, approvals, and reporting.

Webexpenses noteworthy features

  • The tool’s Intelligent Receipt Matching feature automatically pairs receipts to their correct card purchases.
  • The provider builds your unique company expense policy into the software.
  • Point-to-point mileage is provided for optimized claims and reimbursements.
  • Employees can take photos of their receipts, and managers can review, track, approve, and reject submissions from desktop and mobile.
  • Webexpenses offers sophisticated and customizable reporting options to help companies optimize employee spending.

How customers rate Webexpenses

G2 rating: 4.5/5 (as of February 2023)
Capterra rating: 4.5/5 (as of February 2023)

Webexpenses pricing

Webexpenses doesn’t list pricing information publicly. Instead, businesses can request custom pricing packages depending on their unique needs.

Languages supported by Webexpenses

Webexpenses supports the following languages: English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Webexpenses vs Zoho Expense

  • Webexpenses offers a petty cash manager feature for small, everyday expenses. Zoho Expense does not offer this type of feature.
  • Overall, report a more user-friendly experience when using the Webexpenses solution.
  • Webexpenses offers a carbon tracking feature to help businesses improve their carbon footprint. Zoho Expense does not offer a carbon emissions tracking feature.
Overall, the main differences between Webexpenses and Zoho Expense are their features and pricing. Despite offering a free trial, you have to contact Webexpenses to receive a quote meaning that it’s not immediately possible to calculate how affordable the solution is for your business. However, it does boast a wide range of features that simplify the expense management process.

Which Zoho Expense alternative is best for your expense management needs?

There are ample Zoho Expense alternatives on the SaaS (software as a service) market, and the best choice for your business depends on your unique combination of needs, industry, and budget and the specific features and capabilities you need. This guide provides you with the detailed information you need to make the right selection for your organization.
All of the tools listed above integrate seamlessly with TravelPerk to help companies manage both their overall business expenses as well as their travel expenses smoothly and efficiently.  to find out how ’s integrations can lighten the load and help simplify your corporate business and travel expense processes.
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