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35 Monthly trips
124 International offices
Foreign Exchange

Kantox simplifies the currency transfer process for businesses

Kantox offers currency and risk management solutions that bring transparency and savings to the global foreign exchange industry. This fin-tech newcomer is one of the fastest growing companies in Europe and has been disrupting the banking industry all over the world since its launch in 2011.

"Before TravelPerk, booking travel was a nightmare. As a company, we spent upwards of 100 hours a week checking prices, confirming travel and chasing down invoices. It was hell! For a fast-growing company with over 100 business trips per month, I knew we needed a more powerful solution."

Johanna Barvo, Office Manager & Executive Assistant at Kantox

Before TravelPerk: Long and complex booking process

A few years ago, Kantox began to really take off. They quickly transformed from a small innovative startup with a dozen employees to a disruptive global force doing business in over 120 countries. Along with that growth came an explosion in business travel. Since it happened so fast, they didn’t have time to install any procedures or policies to manage their massive travel schedule.

Johanna Barvo, the office manager and executive assistant to the CEO, was all of a sudden managing travel for 35 frequent travelers that were booking up to 125 trips per month. From searching for the best flight across multiple platforms to finding the perfect hotel location for each trip, and then confirming all the details with the traveler(s), each booking would take about 50 minutes. It was a complex and exhausting process just to handle the bookings, but as the number of travelers increased, making payments and tracking invoices had become a nightmare too. In short, as Johanna recalls it:

Enter TravelPerk

About 18 months ago, Johanna decided to give TravelPerk a try and hasn’t looked back. Whereas previously she had to check Skyscanner prices against other platforms and direct service providers, with TravelPerk she has access to an industry-leading inventory all in one place and the platform automatically finds the best deals available. Furthermore, all payments, invoicing and communication now take places within the platform so the endless email back-and-forth for business travel has been eliminated for the entire company.

However, it’s TravelPerk’s dedicated 24-hour customer support team that stands out the most.

True Story:

One cold evening last February, Johanna received a phone call from Felicia at TravelPerk to inform her of a strike in Germany that would affect Toni Rami, COO and co-founder of Kantox, who was traveling in Berlin and absolutely had to be back in Barcelona the next day. It was already 11pm and, as Johanna points out, “if this happened without TravelPerk, Toni would have been on his own.”

Instead, the dedicated support team worked throughout the night to find a solution - Toni would take a midnight train to Prague, then catch flight direct to BCN. After a frantic search, everything was confirmed and the last message was sent at 4.30am. Johanna remembers the next day Toni’s wife sent her a big thank you for bringing him home safely and on-time that day.

"This was 7-star support in action. Felicia was hustling all night - booking last minute trains, planes and automobiles until dawn to get Toni home to his family."

Johanna Barvo, Office Manager & Executive Assistant at Kantox

Results: Booking entire trips in under 10 minutes’

In total, TravelPerk saves Kantox 3-4 hours per day, or 80+ hours per month, on business travel management. The endless email threads have been erased and invoices have been consolidated into a single billing account. Most importantly, Johanna is happy to have a strong support team she can count on in case of any emergencies such as last-minute itinerary changes or airline strikes.