TravelBank vs Egencia - 2024 comparison

30 Dec 2023 · 6
Travel management companies (TMCs) help travelers and managers better organize their time. Great TMCs provide expense tracking, credit card integration, and automation capabilities to help businesses save money and effort.
In this article, we're comparing Egencia and TravelBank by considering their advantages and disadvantages. We know how important it is to find the right travel management solution for your business needs, so we'll also throw another contender into the mix to give you a fresh alternative for corporate travel management.
Find the right TMC for you and see how your worries—and travelers—can fly away in a click or two.


TravelBank is a global corporate expense and business travel management company that offers an end-to-end corporate travel solution. One of their strong points is their mobile solution—no surprise considering they developed it first, knowing that most users are on the move nowadays.
They are primarily focused on small and medium-sized companies and offer a free trial and subscription-based pricing. You can choose from a variety of plans that include only travel solutions, only expenses solutions, or the all-in-one solution.

TravelBank’s noteworthy features include:

  • All-in-one platform for travel and expense management system
  • User-friendly platform with simple interface
  • Supports thousands of corporate and personal cards for payment

What TravelBank users say:

TravelBank's users report that the all-in-one option is a great way to ease their business travel needs. Additionally, most user reviews seem to be pretty happy with its mobile version and features.
"I like the ability to book travel within and do expenses at the same time, very convenient." - .
However, not all reviews sing its praises. The primary problem users report with TravelBank is that customer support and that the software can be confusing at times. Additionally, some also mention the lack of real-time alerts.
"Sometimes the expense report vs individual charges gets confusing." - .
"After an initial confirmation email letting me know I submitted a report there's a lack of communication." - .
TravelBank is an all-in-one platform for travel management—it does the job without a doubt. However, when it doesn’t meet expectations there isn’t the right support to answer your questions. This can be a dealbreaker for many.


Egencia is a corporate travel management company that was initially Expedia Group's travel management solution. However, it was recently acquired by American Express Global Business Travel (AMEX).
It positions itself as a solution to help businesses manage risk, ensure traveler well-being, and maximize ROI in business travel. Additionally, it supports six languages and is used in 60 countries.

Egencia’s noteworthy features include:

  • VAT recovery and reimbursement
  • Duty of care and risk management
  • Inventory based on Expedia's well-known brands

What Egencia users say:

Egencia's users find it suits most of their needs, and they highlight the ease of online booking through the travel platform's booking tool.
"It consolidates all of the flights available into one view that I can filter down into specific requirements I have (time/day/cost/ect)." -
Some users report having issues with the software and that the customer support team . Additionally, their mobile app seems to be missing important functionality options. When traveling, this can mean a huge headache.
"The one thing that I think could be improved upon is the mobile app. It does lack some of the features and control that you get with the desktop site." - .
"The only consistent thing about Egencia is how slow it is. It constantly crashes or tells me it's run into an error. Searches can take forever to complete, with no guarantee that they'll succeed. One time it took me literally over two hours to just book a hotel for a last-minute work trip." - .
Egencia provides ease of use and some important features when it comes to travel and risk management. Sadly, its platform leaves users feeling frustrated.
TravelBank and Egencia offer some necessary features, and they can solve a variety of your travel management needs. However, we know business travel management can be a daunting task, and as promised, we want to present you with a third contender that’s well worth your consideration. Take a look at TravelPerk, and where it can take your business.
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TravelPerk is a top-rated, all-in-one travel management solution. It's designed to provide freedom to business travelers and better control to companies and their travel managers.
TravelPerk is trusted by some of the biggest companies, including Uber, Revolut, Grammarly, and other big names. One of its main advantages is its 7-star customer support available 24/7 with a target 15-second response time —precisely what you need when traveling and run into a road bump.
TravelPerk also offers —a feature perfect for current uncertainty and beyond. FlexiPerk allows users to get 80% of their fare refunded when canceling up to 2-hours before departure.
TravelPerk also offers a streamlined approval process that makes the whole workflow easier and faster. Thanks to its integration with popular expense management tools like Yokoy, Divvy, Circula, and Expensify, it also makes travel spending and overall expense management a breeze.
The TMC’s concierge services, real-time alerts and notifications, and easy-to-navigate mobile app make it feel as if you have a whole travel agency in your pocket—without the hefty price tag.

Some of TravelPerk’s main features include:

Still not convinced? Take a look at what TravelPerk users have to say about the platform.

What TravelPerk users say:

TravelPerk users . Travel is unpredictable, flights get canceled or delayed; there’s turbulence that’s often beyond anyone’s control. However, that’s not to say it can’t be handled at a rapid pace, and that’s exactly where TravelPerk’s customer support team excel. They’re on-hand to answer your traveling employees with a target 15-second response time.
Plus, the onboarding experience is easy. Users like the pay-as-you-travel service that helps companies save time and money.
"It is great to have everything regarding business trips in one single application. Next, to that, in case things have to be clarified, the support is always fast and helpful." - .
"Product is very intuitive for travelers to book travel that is within the companies’ budget and travel programs. The approval flow is extremely simple and centralized billing is super easy. The concierge service is great." - .

Wrapping up and taking off

When comparing these three travel management companies, we can see that although Egencia and TravelBank work, TravelPerk provides an all-around smoother travel booking experience.
TravelPerk offers better perks—it’s user-friendly, it has the world's most extensive travel inventory, and it offers top-rated 24/7 customer support. This makes TravelPerk the best option for easy, safe, and enjoyable business travel.
and get ready for take-off—business travel is seamless with TravelPerk.
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