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mobilexpense Group is a leading SaaS provider of global expense management solutions. The smartphone app enables employees to track all their expenses on the go and saves them valuable time in processing and justifying their expenses. All TravelPerk trips are automatically synchronized with the mobilexpense platform

Key Features

  • Compliance - Globally compliant solution, more than 70 countries are guaranteed
  • Expenses - Support for all types of expenses, daily allowances, cards& advances
  • Mobile app: State-of-the-art app for employees with lightning-fast OCR
  • Control: Fully automated spend control supported by AI
  • Reporting: Analyze all employee spend, reclaim VAT and run custom reports
  • Flexible: We set up interfaces from/to your HR/ERP/etc.

How It Works

One-way integration via API

The integration between mobilexpense and TravelPerk ensures that all (invoiced) bookings from Travelperk are automatically synchronized with mobilexpense. Trip reports are automatically created for the travelling employees, who are able to see their trips within the mobilexpense app to add and justify their expenses while travelling.

The integration can be enabled from within TravelPerk. For more details please reach out to your Travelperk or mobilexpense contact person.

Please reach out to your TravelPerk Representative for more details.

Partnership type

Integrated Partner