The Best Lola Alternative

The Best Lola Alternative

If you’re on the hunt for an alternative to Lola, we’re about to present TravelPerk as a potential option for your business travel management platform. Read on to see what TravelPerk can do.

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The biggest booking inventory worldwide

TravelPerk has a complete inventory on offer. This Lola alternative gives you options and prices that are unmatched by any other booking platform on the market—including Lola. TravelPerk bookings cover rail, hotels, flights, and more. Plus, it works in collaboration with any hotel or airline loyalty programs you’re part of.

World-class customer support in under 15 seconds

The TravelPerk customer support team is on hand 24/7, with human support, and all of it’s managed in-house. It gives Travelperk an unparalleled overview of customers’ problems and solutions.

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A mobile app employees love

Employees shouldn’t be limited by what they can do just because they’re using their phones on the go. Get equivalent operational features whether you’re using the desktop platform or your phone.

With the TravelPerk mobile app, your travelers can book or change flights, get Google Maps equivalent directions, manage hotel reservations, contact support; the list is long.

All of this is wrapped up in one easy-to-navigate app that keeps employees engaged and happy on the go.

Why our users think we rock

The most effective way to manage business travel

We give you everything you need to manage corporate travel in one place with all of the support and none of the stress.

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Leading travel management company by user review platform G2

Make your business travel work like magic with the all-in-one platform that travelers and managers love. Let’s get you back on the road!

Frequently asked questions

Do I have to pay for a monthly subscription?

TravelPerk offers a basic plan for free. From there, you can opt for a premium plan at €15 per trip or a pro plan at €25 per trip. Depending on how much you travel, a ‘pay-as-you-go’ plan may work out more cost-efficient than a monthly membership fee. All of these plans come with a free trial option.

Do you charge extra for each integration with an external tool?

Nope! This is an entirely free service TravelPerk offers customers on all plans.

Is it possible to book a trip for a large group of people?

Group bookings are a TravelPerk specialty. TravelPerk handles group bookings for hotels, flights, rail travel, and even pre-paid hotel bookings—no one likes splitting the check between 20 people!

Experience business travel as it should be

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