10 Top Travel Software SaaS Companies in 2024

30 Dec 2023 · 7

What is a SaaS travel platform?

A SaaS travel platform is software that helps you manage travel plans on a single platform—whether that’s arranging upgrades or managing business trips. Travelers pay to use the travel technology and access better travel management tools.

Why use SaaS travel solutions?

SaaS travel solutions unlock greater potential for travelers—whether they’re headed to the Bahamas for leisure travel or jetting off to Hong Kong on business travel. Every solution is different—and caters to different travel needs—but, in general, travel solutions help:
  • Simplify travel booking and improve the user experience with advanced software
  • Stay within the travel budget by only providing options that are within policy
  • Provide support when travel plans are disrupted
  • Streamline the travel management process by keeping everything in one place
These are the ways in which any SaaS travel solution can help—specific solutions have specific benefits. Our list includes a wide variety of software solutions for the travel industry.

Top 10 travel SaaS companies

1. TravelPerk

is a cloud-based business travel management platform that enables your team to book, manage, and report on business travel all in one place.
The platform provides organizations with 24/7 support with real humans, carbon offsetting solutions to minimize your business’s carbon footprint, and a VAT recovery solution that enables you to save up to 25% on business travel—as well as plenty more.

Key TravelPerk features:

  • : book, tweak, or manage hotel reservations, flights, car rental, and rail tickets using the comprehensive booking engine.
  • 24/7 support: get high-quality support from real humans in 15 seconds or less to ensure your traveling employees are never left stranded and confused.
  • : take a closer look at your business travel with customized reporting that enables you to break down reporting by person, transport type, booking type, cancellations, recoverable VAT, and more.
  • : share real-time travel risks and pandemic notifications with traveling employees.
  • : easily track traveling employees to ensure they’re safe and informed when traveling for business.
  • : TravelPerk’s FlexiPerk enables organizations to book flexible travel that ensures 80% of your money back when cancelling up to two hours ahead of the flight.
  • : use GreenPerk to offset the carbon emissions of your business travel by investing in sustainable initiatives.
  • : quickly recover VAT and reduce travel costs by up to 25% with TravelPerk’s VAT recovery solution.
  • : connect with existing third-party apps and tools for efficiency.
Ideal for: organizations exploring all-in-one corporate travel management platforms.
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2. Timeshifter

is a mobile app that relies on circadian science to help employees minimize the effects of disrupted sleep patterns by providing science-backed recommendations regarding light exposure, caffeine intake, and more.

Key Timeshifter features:

  • Jet lag: make pre-travel adjustments and follow instructions to avoid jet lag.
  • Shift work: improve health, alertness, and sleep quality during disruptive working conditions.
Ideal for: traveling employees and shift workers.

3. Tripgrid

Tripgrid makes team travel management effortless with data management and process automation. This software solution lets you manage reservations in real-time and create detailed reports for stakeholders.

Key Tripgrid features:

  • Data consolidation: access real-time updates by bringing together organizational travel data in one place.
  • Data organization: arrange and filter data for better visibility and faster reconciliation.
  • Reports: save time by using specific data sets to auto-generate complex reports.
Ideal for: businesses looking to manage traveling teams better.

4. Inflybo

is an all-in-one platform for managing airport VIP lounges. This travel SaaS solution helps businesses manage global lounges from an easy-to-use dashboard. You can also use this software to analyze lounge data and create membership cards.

Key Inflybo features:

  • Information collection: scan boarding passes to collect traveler information and register them.
  • Membership: create and sell membership cards to customers.
  • Reports: generate reports for all lounges with a single click.
  • Surveys: gauge customer satisfaction metrics with digital surveys.
Ideal for: organizations looking to manage one or more airport lounges with a fully customized platform.

5. Soldo

helps organizations track spending, control costs, and save time by automating payment and spend management when travelling for business. This software offers prepaid company cards for ease of expense tracking, cost control, and accurate accounting.

Key Soldo features:

  • Payment cards: issue virtual or physical company cards to employees for online and in-store payments during business trips.
  • Wallets: use Soldo wallets to transfer money and organize funds for employees.
  • Spend controls: set spend limit rules for traveling employees and gain real-time visibility into expense trends.
  • Purchases: approve purchase requests with a single click to ensure traveling employees can easily get what they need.
  • Reports: create detailed, real-time data reports on wallets, groups, and cards following business travel.
  • Integrations: sync finance data across existing applications for faster account reconciliation.
Ideal for: startups, nonprofits, and small or large businesses looking to streamline business spending and reporting.

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6. Ramp

helps businesses better manage expenses by enabling them to book business travel and automate receipts and expenses. This software eases how you manage expenses, accounting, approvals, and expense policies.

Key Ramp features:

  • Travel policies: create organization-wide travel policies in seconds.
  • Corporate cards: provide employees with branded cards with embedded limits on flights, hotels, and per diems.
  • Automatic receipt collection: use smart coding rules to automate expense report collection and sync transactions in real-time.
  • Trip dashboard: identify out-of-policy expenses and repayment requests with an all-in-one itinerary and flight dashboard.
Ideal for: enabling employees to book with preferred travel providers and automate receipt reviews and expense reports.

7. Divvy

empowers small and midsize businesses with business credit lines and expense management solutions that organizations can use to track and manage business travel expenditure. Companies can also leverage Divvy’s intelligent automation to streamline the accounts payable process.

Key Divvy features:

  • Virtual cards: manage online subscriptions and purchases with vendor-specific cards.
  • Out-of-pocket expense management: manage one-off expenses and mileage reimbursements for traveling employees.
  • Reporting: drill down into company spending and make future business travel predictions with real-time reports.
  • Integrations: auto-sync transactions by connecting with applications such as Oracle NetSuite, Sage Intacct, and Intuit Quickbooks.
Ideal for: small and midsize businesses looking to opt for card and spend management software solutions to manage travel spending.

8. Circula

is an employee finance platform enabling businesses to manage expenses and corporate benefits better. This all-in-one employee application streamlines daily transactions with powerful workflow automation that enables smoother business travel spend management.

Key Circula features:

  • Expense management: allow employees to create and submit per diem, mileage, purchase, and out-of-pocket expense reports following business travel.
  • Credit card: issue physical and virtual cards for business transactions—both locally and when on business trips.
  • Employee benefit suite: reward employees with tax-optimized digital meal vouchers, mobility budget, or internet allowance.
Ideal for: startups, mid-market, and enterprise companies looking to make their employees’ lives easier when traveling.

9. App in the Air

is a personal travel assistant app that helps frequent fliers book, track, and manage travels from one place. Travelers use this software to manage loyalty points, track itineraries, plan trips with friends, and more.

Key App in the Air features:

  • Real-time flight updates: track flight delays and manage air tickets effortlessly.
  • Travel planner: receive guidance on navigating inside the airport.
  • Boarding pass wallet: manage boarding passes and loyalty points across airlines.
Ideal for: frequent fliers looking for an all-in-one travel management app.

10. Virtuo

is a software-based car rental service that you can use from anywhere in the UK and across Europe. This cloud-enabled platform makes on-demand car service hassle-free by letting you book, locate, and unlock cars with the app.

Key Virtuo features:

  • All-in-one app: use the Virtuo app to understand fuel usage, mileage, and more.
  • Virtuo for business: enjoy flexible payment options and manage employee bookings with ease.
  • 24/7 support: get instant answers to your car rental questions before, during, or after the rental.
Ideal for: individuals and businesses looking for quick and easy car rental services in the UK and Europe.

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