Spendesk gives employees the freedom to spend company money appropriately and safely while keeping finance teams in full control. Use virtual cards for secure online spending, employee debit cards with adjustable limits, expense automation (and reimbursements within the platform), invoice processing, automated accounting, and more.

Key Features:

  • Advanced payment approval workflows: Set company spending policies & 100% of your spend will be pre-approved
  • Accounting automation: Drastically reduce the time spent on month-end closing. Automate VAT extraction, expense account allocation and receipt reconciliation.
  • Subscription management: Manage recurring SaaS payments easily thanks to virtual cards and smart tracking software
  • Employee debit cards: Equip your teams with secured and customizable debit cards. Customize settings and set specific authorizations.
  • Play By the Rules: Block spending and Auto-trigger receipt chasing for repeat receipt offenders

How the integration works:

The Spendesk integration with TravelPerk automatically pulls receipts for payments made with a Spendesk card using the instant payment option on TravelPerk.

Thanks to the integration, customers:

  • Save time as
    • receipts are automatically collected;
    • approval flows are not duplicated.
  • Get a better understanding of travel spend via Spendesk:
    • by reviewing a breakdown per trip in Spendesk;
    • by exporting separate journal entries per trip in the accounting tools later.