Overview of TravelPerk <> Payhawk integration

Payhawk combines VISA company cards, reimbursable expenses, and accounts payable into a single product. So you can automate manual processes, maximize efficiency, and accelerate business expansion. Finance teams in 32 countries trust Payhawk with all things spend management.

TravelPerk packed business travel into an all-in-one platform that gives Finance teams remote control over employees’ travel spend, and the ability to optimize travel policies. And while employees enjoy the freedom of booking TravelPerk’s global inventory of flights, trains, taxis, and accommodation, Finance managers don’t have to deal with payments and invoices, at all. Especially when all invoices are instantly streamlined into Payhawk.

An integration between Payhawk and TravelPerk makes Finance teams happy by eliminating all the pain points of travel expense management.

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How the Payhawk integration works

One-way integration via API

The integration with TravelPerk will streamline the payment process for customers. Once they add a Payhawk card as a payment method on TravelPerk, all invoices from trips will be directly imported.

All TravelPerk expenses paid with Payhawk cards will appear automatically in the Payhawk portal. The TravelPerk integration is available now for all Premium and Enterprise customers. It can be enabled with 1 click by an administrator through the Settings in the TravelPerk platform.

Benefits of the integration:


Payhawk fetches Payhawk card transactions from TravelPerk instantly and syncs invoices with your ERP systems and accounting software while making sure 100% of the pushed data is correct.

Reporting and centralization

Payhawk recognizes invoices with different VAT amounts and groups them together. You have the whole company’s travel expenses sorted, automatically. And the native integration ensures all travel costs flow in every day.


Set up the rules for your expenses to automate compliance with your company’s policies once and forget about the admin work.

Travel Spend Control

TravelPerk keeps trips within budget thanks to integrated policies and customizable approvals. And users of FlexiPerk feature can book any flight, hotel, car, or train at any rate, and cancel at any time. No questions asked.

24/7 Real Human Support

Don’t waste internal resources to solve problems: TravelPerk’s real human 24/7 support deals with all issues that come up.

Partnership type

Integrated Partner