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Intelletec's Journey to Effortless Travel Management

Who is Intelletec?

Intelletec, established in 2013, has carved a niche in sourcing the finest technology talent for rapidly evolving tech companies. With over 125 years of collective expertise, the team at Intelletec stands out in recruiting for various technical industries. Their mission is aiding burgeoning enterprises at the innovation forefront, enabling them to sculpt their teams with top-tier talent. Catering to a diverse clientele, including Fortune 500 firms, Unicorn Tech Companies, and hyper-growth startups, Intelletec has been pivotal in shaping the workforce of some of the world's most disruptive global brands.

The pre-TravelPerk era: Challenges of traditional travel management

Before adopting TravelPerk, Intelletec relied on a traditional travel agency that posed significant challenges for their business. Some of those challenges were:

  • Slow response times
  • Multiple hidden fees making it hard to track costs
  • Lack of flexible travel options in case they needed to cancel a flight

To try and mitigate these problems, Intelletec employees resorted to managing their own travel independently, which ended up being time-consuming and challenging to keep track of. 

What positive impact has TravelPerk had on the business?

Since moving across to TravelPerk, the most significant positive change has been the time saved in managing travel. Plus, the centralized platform has been “a breeze to use” and has made it effortless to track flights and other travel plans in one place.

Compared to their previous travel agency, they’ve found communication to be clear and they’ve felt supported right the way through implementation

“Travelperk has been 10/10, definitely would recommend, especially if you are trying to book multiple flights or multiple hotel rooms for a company. The fees are minimal, the help is always available and they do everything they can to make sure your trips are successful from start to finish.”

Kelly Sprow, Business & People Operations Manager