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23 Feb 2022 · 5
We couldn’t be more excited to announce the launch of an amazing new feature—the Mobile Vaccine Certificate from TravelPerk! Now, travelers going far and wide will be able to scan their COVID-19 vaccination or recovery certificates and generate an iOS wallet card that will work as a COVID passport no matter where they go. With this new feature, users will travel stress-free in the knowledge that all of their required COVID documentation is safely stored and easily accessible.

Navigating travel in a post-COVID world

It seems as though the question on every traveler’s lips these days is “what exactly do I need to show in order to enter the country?” Different countries around the world have implemented different travel restrictions depending on where you come from, if you’ve recovered from COVID in the last 90 days, whether or not you’ve been vaccinated, and even which vaccines you’ve received.
What’s more, many local governments have also made it mandatory for hospitality and entertainment venues to require proof of vaccination or COVID recovery for anyone hoping to enjoy what they have on offer. , for example, anyone over the age of 16 must present a vaccination pass or COVID certificate in order to enter theatres, cinemas, amusement parks, restaurants, shops, hotels, trade shows… even ski lifts!
Every country has the right to set its own measures for the health and safety of its local residents. But that can make it complicated for travelers to understand what restrictions affect them, and exactly what documentation they need to provide.

Meeting in real life is back on

After the undeniable isolation and loneliness that characterized the last few years, it’s no surprise that people are flocking to meet one another in person again. As restrictions ease around the world, people are rushing to meet their friends, family, and colleagues face-to-face. As we always say at TravelPerk, the meetings that matter happen in person. It doesn’t matter who that meeting is with. It’s all about the connections that can only be fostered by meeting in real life.
With all that built-up energy for people to meet in person again, governments around the world are passing laws and mandates to regulate (and hopefully mitigate) the further spread of the coronavirus. These types of regulations have been met with a fair amount of resistance around the world, with countries like the and experiencing widespread protests against proof of vaccination mandates.

Sorry, Sir… my dog ate my COVIDPass

Whether we like it or not, travel restrictions and requirements to show proof of vaccination are here to stay. This has become a fundamental part of any kind of travel, whether that’s for business or pleasure.
As our CEO Avi predicted back in 2020,
You’ll need more than a passport when traveling after COVID-19. Some countries will not even take the chance of testing at the border. Entrance could be refused unless you have a certificate of immunity due to the fact that you’ve recovered from an infection or because you’ve been vaccinated. Some countries might not let you in if you’ve been vaccinated with Sputnik instead of Pfizer or Moderna, for example. Wristbands with barcodes like those in the movie Contagion are a very real prospect.Avi Meir, Co-Founder & CEO at TravelPerk - (Read more about Avi’s predictions on travel in a post-COVID world .)
Avi Meir, Co-Founder & CEO at TravelPerk - (Read more about Avi’s predictions on travel in a post-COVID world here.)
Excuses like “I can’t find my COVIDPass” or “I didn’t know I needed to show proof of vaccination” or “My dog ate my COVIDPass” simply won’t fly. You might find yourself in a Novak Djokovic-esque situation where you’re denied entry, admitted into the country, and then removed from the same country all in one week if you can’t show adequate COVID documentation.
So, if we’re already getting back to travel, and we need to show all of these documents upon arrival, and it’s a mess to do so… Why not have a tool that makes all of this more convenient and easier to organize? That’s exactly what we thought. And what we built.

Your knight in shining armor: TravelPerk’s vaccine/recovery mobile wallet card generator

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No matter if you’re traveling domestically or hopping across continents, the TravelPerk Mobile Vaccine Certificate feature will make organizing and showing your COVID-19 documentation easier while you travel.
We wanted to build something simple for our users that would save our travelers time and unnecessary worry by ensuring they have a version of their certificate stored in their Apple Wallet alongside their boarding pass. The documentation will always be available offline and ready to use whenever it's needed. It’s faster and easier than any travel or health app you may have downloaded, not to mention you won’t have to browse through thousands of documents on Google Drive to find the one you need. No more holding up the airport queue for you!
Here’s how it works:
The information on your COVID passport is encrypted and signed by Apple to create the pass on your phone. Your personal data will not be stored by TravelPerk, Apple, or any other company. The wallet will be stored on your phone so only you can have access to it.”
We currently support EU and UK COVID vaccination and recovery certificates and only for iOS. If you want to know more, check out our article.
Don’t forget that we’ve also built a suite of tools called , to help keep travelers safe on their trips. If you’re already using TravelPerk then you can from the Apple App Store.
If you’re looking for a new travel management solution, find out more about everything that has to offer or .
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