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06 May 2022 · 2
We have often observed that women tend to avoid the tech world. Whether it's because they feel like an outsider, scared, or insecure, without the right support and motivation, they are more likely to be discouraged to pursue a career in this field.
At TravelPerk, we want to close this gap. We want to encourage women to be part of a community where gender does not define their paths. We want to provide a space where they have equal opportunities to learn and grow.
One way we get ourselves involved is by volunteering for . Last Monday, we invited CodeWomen to our Barcelona HQ, where we hosted their pair-programming session to provide guidance to female students.

What is CodeWomen?

CodeWomen is a community for women by women. Founded by MigraCode in 2020, the initiative consists of a support group for female students who aspire to enter the tech landscape. Volunteers from different organizations help these students develop their technical skills and provide career advice and tips.
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What is MigraCode?

is a tech academy for refugees and migrants in Barcelona. It was founded in 2019 and collaborates with various schools and companies across Europe to foster labor integration and social inclusion. MigraCode aims to give equal access to education, enhance work opportunities, build a community, and provide additional support.

What is a pair-programming session?

Codewomen hosts two types of events per month. One for networking and learning and one for pair-programming. The latter consists of organizing sessions with students and volunteer coaches to give students guidance on the industry or skills they need, work on existing or initiate new projects, and provide general tips according to their interests.
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I want to be a volunteer. Where can I sign up?

You can see more . You can also reach out to our volunteers, and , to hear more about their experiences.
For more information on CodeWomen, visit:  For more information on MigraCode, visit:
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Anna Zhvania
Product Operations Manager at TravelPerk
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