The 5 best online travel agencies in Malaysia

09 Nov 2023 · 5
Malaysia is a place where modern progression meets natural beauty. With some of the largest skyscrapers on the planet and one of the world’s oldest rainforests, it’s easy to see why this country was once nicknamed the “peninsula of Gold.” From the bustling energy of Kuala Lumpur to the picturesque beaches of Penang, Malaysia offers a unique experience for both corporate and leisure travel.
Here, we’ve rounded up the five best online travel agencies to help you explore both the natural and man-made wonders of this southeastern melting pot of cultures.

Best online travel agency for business travel

1. TravelPerk: the one agency for all your business travel needs

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is a modern solution for modern corporate travel. Its easy-to-use online booking tool is a refreshing change from the clunky UI often associated with business travel. TravelPerk enables you to make flexible bookings for employees, and even offers the option to offset your carbon footprint.
This platform is more than just an OTA, it’s a comprehensive corporate travel management tool that helps your team book, manage, and report on business travel. TravelPerk ensures employees are traveling stress-free on the cheapest flights available, at no sacrifice to experience.
Main offerings and features:
TravelPerk gives employees access to the information and the security they need to travel with peace of mind. It gives organizations and travel managers access to the best corporate travel rates that you won’t find on the market.
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Best online travel agencies for tourist travel

2. Parlo Tours: for unique tour packages throughout Asia

Parlo Tours Best Online Travel Agencies Malaysia
Parlo Tours is all about adventure. That’s why they’ve handpicked and curated a list of 10 alluring destinations, each with a unique appeal for any explorer. They also offer a choice of different tour packages, with international travel experiences throughout Asia, including Indonesia, Korea, and Singapore.
Their staff is highly experienced, and Parlo Tours prides itself on offering a personalized touch to every getaway. To top it all off, they cover most of the additional work that comes with planning any trip, like car renting and airport transfer.
Main offerings and features:
  • Group and private tours for both domestic and curated international destinations
  • Hotel bookings, flight bookings, and venue bookings for tours and events
  • Corporate travel management options such as transport and accommodation
  • Visa application, handling, and travel insurance management for orderly travel documentation
  • Inbound and outbound car rental, airport transfer, and transportation management

3. Star Travel: for a wide range of themed tour options

Star Travel Best Online Travel Agencies Malaysia 1024x470
These travel agents can take you through Malaysia and all over the world just as well. With excellent service, countless options, and a full-scale travel organization, Star Tours focuses on making leisure travel as relaxing as possible.
Especially notable are the themed Malaysia tour packages for every taste, including nature, island, city, theme park, and staycation options. Feel free to choose from their main options, including Sabah, Kuala Lumpur, Penang, and Selangor.
Main offerings and features:
  • International travel and tour packages to unique destinations
  • Malaysian travel packages including city, nature, and other themed options
  • Polar expeditions offering a combination of adventure, comfort, and education

4. Holiday Tours: for personalized and full-scale luxury tourist packages

Holiday Tours Best Online Travel Agencies Malaysia
Providing personalized service, a network of expert partners, and extraordinary experiences make up the main objectives of the luxury travel brand Holiday Tours. It’s easy to see why. They offer a variety of international tours, including destinations like Australia, Thailand, and Japan.
This travel agency also offers an in-depth look at all their options on their website. Holiday Tours take care of everything, so you’ll know exactly where you’re staying, what to expect, as well as FAQS you may have about the trip.
Main offerings and features:
  • International travel tours including group and private options
  • A wide range of all-inclusive resorts, hotels, and venue booking options and a personalized experience
  • Guided holidays, tours, and cruises provided by a team of industry professionals

5. D Asia Tours: for honeymoon trips to popular destinations

D Asia Tours Best Online Travel Agencies Malaysia
D Asia Tours provides the local knowledge and expertise needed for an authentic Malaysian experience. This grand tour operator focuses on domestic destinations like Langkawi, Penang Island, and the Batu caves in Kuala Lumpur.
However, D Asia Tours also offers specifically themed tour options, such as company trips and honeymoon packages, alongside international destinations, including Europe, China, and India. They’ve been in the travel industry for over 30 years and have over 1000 packages.
Main offerings and features:
  • Malaysian guided tours, including some of Malaysia’s biggest attractions.
  • International tours to a wide variety of destinations across the globe
  • Pilgrimage tours for embarking on a spiritual journey and discovering sacred sites across Asia
  • Especially designed Muslim tours—including sightseeing in religious locations
  • Honeymoon destinations for newlyweds and those needing a romantic getaway
  • Company trips and corporate travel management including booking and transportation

Choose the right travel agency to make the most of your Malaysia trip

Malaysia can be an excellent backdrop to any trip. With culturally rich cities like Malacca and the breathtaking islands of Borneo, the experience is bound to be unforgettable. Additionally, it is just a stone's throw away from other important Asian places—think a honeymoon in Bali or a business meeting in Tokyo.
However, if you’re planning a corporate event, it’s best to leave your travel plans with the best travel company. That’s exactly where can help. It’s the best choice for flawless organization, flexible booking, and offering a personalized experience. With , you can receive updated information on travel restrictions, ensuring you have a safe and smooth trip.
Travel to Malaysia with peace of mind using our comprehensive corporate travel tool featuring and an inventory of personalized travel services.
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