The 5 best budget travel companies in the US

23 Nov 2023 · 6
Traveling on a shoestring budget? We know the feeling. But with the help of budget travel companies, you can turn your dreams of journeying to iconic destinations like Italy, Canada, and Japan into a reality, especially for first-time travelers who need valuable travel tips to make the most of their adventure at the best price.
Our list of the five best low-cost travel companies is packed with info on the types of budget-friendly experiences they offer, helping you choose the perfect adventure that matches your preferences without breaking the bank.
Get ready to create lasting memories; these companies are committed to making your next trip affordable and personalized to suit you. Let’s go!

Best online travel agency for business travel

1. TravelPerk: the one agency for all your business travel needs

Travelperk Best Budget Travel Companies In The Us 1024x372
is a modern solution for modern corporate travel. Its easy-to-use online booking tool is a refreshing change from the clunky UI often associated with business travel. TravelPerk enables you to make flexible bookings for employees, and even offers the option to offset your carbon footprint.
As well as access to a huge —including low-cost carriers and —TravelPerk also has direct contracts with 25,000 properties worldwide, enabling clients to access negotiated rates.
TravelPerk also offers the most comprehensive and unique set of corporate travel features, including FlexiPerk, an add-on that allows users to cancel any aspect of their travel plans up to two hours before departure—saving businesses an average of 40% when compared to traditional flexible fares. Plus, across all of TravelPerk’s paid plans, businesses only pay the monthly fee if they travel that month.
This platform is more than just an OTA, it’s a comprehensive corporate travel management tool that helps your team book, manage, and report on business travel. TravelPerk ensures employees are traveling stress-free and cost efficient, at no sacrifice to experience.
Main offerings and features:
TravelPerk gives employees access to the information and the security they need to travel with peace of mind. It gives organizations and travel managers access to highly competitive corporate travel rates.
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The best budget travel agencies in the USA for leisure travel

2. Trafalgar

Trafalgar Best Budget Travel Companies In The Us
Trafalgar is one of the largest online tour companies, offering 303 different guided tours across 72 countries and six continents, including India, Vietnam, and Thailand.
The company is known for providing guided vacations with experienced and knowledgeable Travel Directors who lead groups of travelers throughout their journeys, offering insights into the local culture, history, and attractions along the way.
The prices you see on the website include hotels, breakfast and some evening meals, porterage and restaurant gratuities, hotel tips, charges, local taxes, and the cost of sightseeing and activities. Bear in mind that this is not an all-inclusive price, and doesn’t include airfare, travel insurance, or any optional travel experiences you might want to add to your itinerary.
Main offerings and features:
  • Savings and offers for groups of 9 travelers or more
  • Live chat customer support
  • Custom group tours for groups of 10 travelers or more
  • Savings of up to 15% on last-minute deals
  • “MyTrafalgar” portal enables travelers to personalize upcoming trips
  • Solo traveler options

3. Costsaver

Costsaver Best Budget Travel Companies In The Us
Costsaver is one of the most popular budget tour companies, offering travelers the opportunity to explore a variety of destinations at affordable prices without compromising on the quality of their travel experiences.
With 550 diverse travel experiences to choose from, the company ensures that essentials are taken care of, enabling travelers to customize the remaining aspects of their journey to incorporate as much free time and additional activities as they wish.
Each tour includes a knowledgeable Travel Director, quality hotels, some meals and sightseeing activities, and airport transfers within select destinations.
Main offerings and features:
  • Savings for groups of 9 travelers or more
  • Couple travel packages
  • Live chat customer support
  • Loyalty program discounts of 5%
  • Custom tours for groups of 10 travelers or more

4. Intrepid Travel

Interpid Travel Best Budget Travel Companies In The Us
Established in 1989, Intrepid Travel is a group adventure travel company that offers over 1000 escorted adventure tours in more than 100 countries, with an average of 10 travelers per tour.
With its headquarters located in Melbourne, Australia, Intrepid Travel creates intricate itineraries to maximize the time travelers spend engaging in immersive, local activities with the communities they visit. As a certified B Corporation, the company is dedicated to responsible travel, adhering to the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance.
Intrepid Travel caters to diverse preferences and budgets by offering a range of travel tour "styles" – Premium, Comfort, Original, and Basix. Local tour guides native to each destination oversee the management of all tours.
Main offerings and features:
  • 18-29s tours
  • Active adventures (hiking, biking, kayaking, etc)
  • Adventure cruising
  • Family tours
  • Wildlife and polar tours
  • Women’s expeditions (all-female tours)
  • Urban Adventures day tours

5. Exoticca

Exoticca Best Budget Travel Companies In The Us 1024x409
Exoticca is an online tour operator whose travel experts create travel packages for a range of different vacation types. Exoticca's itineraries are carefully crafted to include a mix of cultural experiences, sightseeing, and leisure time to provide a comprehensive travel experience.
Aiming to provide affordable tours to popular destinations within Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Americas, Exoticca offers several travel deals. These include flash deals, group travel deals, and “refer-a-friend” discounts.
Main offerings and features:
  • Over 300 itineraries within more than 60 countries
  • Focus on small group tours
  • Several travel styles, including interest, season, and type of group travel
  • Itineraries include local experiences and day trips
  • Traveler app for direct access to a 24/7 customer support team
  • Multilingual customer support

Wrapping up: Which budget travel company is best for you?

The travel industry is awash with sites like Expedia and Travelocity that can help you create vacation packages—but these companies and their expert travel agents are your ticket to a personalized, low-cost adventure.
Whether it’s an American getaway to New York, an island visit to Hawaii, or a trip to the gardens of England, any low-cost travel agency on this list can help you plan your dream destination with all the perks. However, if you’re looking for a corporate travel solution you can trust, TravelPerk has you covered. With TravelPerk negotiated rates and VAT reclaims, you’ll save money from start to finish. To learn more about how TravelPerk can help you save on business spend, .
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