Group hotel bookings in Manchester made easy with TravelPerk

Save your team time, worry, and money by booking your next Manchester trip with TravelPerk. Thousands of hotels in a click, and hundreds of upgrades just as quick.

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Make group hotel bookings in Manchester easier

Whether it’s a luxury five-star hotel or a budget-friendly accommodation, we’ve got you covered.

Save time and money

Save time and money

We take all the hassle out of negotiating group accommodation rates.

No nasty surprises

No nasty surprises

Speedy customer care covers any hotel booking issues, and every traveller has dedicated support.

Taking care of every detail

Taking care of every detail

From free breakfasts to conference room bookings. Anything your travellers need, our group travel experts will make happen.

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Why choose TravelPerk for your hotel group booking in Manchester?

Manchester travel experts: whether it’s 50 or 1,000, group hotel bookings in Manchester are complicated enough. Leave it to the experts to find and book your ideal location.

Best-in-city inventory: access 1,400+ corporate hotels with free wifi, parking, and with a good proximity to business hubs.

First-class care: every traveler has 24/7 support with a 15-second target response time.

Centralised invoicing: pay, report, and invoice every detail of your Manchester business trip in one solution.

Why users love TravelPerk

Here’s why thousands of companies have chosen TravelPerk to manage their business travel!

  • Instant platform setup
  • £0 setup fee & no hidden costs
  • 15s target response time for customer support
  • 80% of the cost back for cancelled trips
  • Claim 25% of your travel VAT
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TravelPerk takes you further with more business travel benefits:

Travel policy integration: employees keep their booking autonomy, yet never book outside of policy.

Automated approval flows: wave goodbye to time-short managers plugging bottlenecks in bookings.

Traveler tracker: deliver on your duty of care by knowing where your employees are on their business trip.

Travel reporting dashboards: get insights into where you’re spending, optimise, and travel smarter.

Protection against cancellations: booking large group accommodation in Manchester means high risk. Secure 80% of your money back with FlexiPerk.

Industry-leading inventory for booking business travel

Group booking for hotels

Want amazing details on hotels? Our group business travel booking specialists will handle rate negotiation for you, so you can save on accommodations hassle-free.

Group booking for flights

Getting everyone on the right flight is a ton of work. Our group booking specialists will make sure your team is on the same flight, or that travelers from different cities get the schedule and experience they need. Plus, we’ll get you the best group rates available.

Group rail travel booking

If you prefer to travel by rail, we can help manage group travel via train too. We’ll make sure everyone in your group is well taken care of, no matter where they’re traveling from.

Travel at ease with an entire support team behind you

Thousands of companies already travel with us Join us

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Leading travel management company by user review platform G2

Make your business travel work like magic with the all-in-one platform that travelers and managers love. Let’s get you back on the road!

Group hotel bookings in Manchester: FAQs

Is group booking part of all TravelPerk Plans?

Our group booking service is an add-on service that all customers can take advantage of. Group bookings typically count for parties of nine or more.

How much does group booking cost?

The cost for using our group booking service varies depending on your trip needs and the number of travelers per trip. Our travel experts are on hand to give your Manchester group trip a price breakdown.

How do I submit a group booking request?

We’re happy to help you plan your upcoming group trip to Manchester. Get in touch with the team via the app, and we’ll reach out to start planning with you.

How much notice do you need for group bookings?

We recommend you reach out to the TravelPerk team at least one month in advance for short-notice group booking requests. However, early booking is the secret to cost savings. The more notice we have, the better rates we can negotiate.

If you are interested in making a group booking, of 9 or more rooms, please fill out the below form with your details.

Please use a valid company email