​​The 8 best travel & expense management software platforms in 2024

27 Mar 2024 · 13
The . Corporate travel expenses can really stack up, so it’s essential that businesses keep track of their travel expenditure.
Managing travel without the help of a software solution is a lot of work—but using a travel and expense management tool, you can easily get an overview of all your travel expenses.
With the right tools and software, business travel becomes a lot easier to book, manage, and update.  Business travel management software can also , which is essential for small businesses with limited budgets.

What is travel and expense management software?

Travel and expense management software is a type of all-in-one software system that can help you manage and track your business travel spending. Whether it’s booking travel, managing travellers, or creating expense reports, is a must for businesses sending employees on corporate business trips.
Businesses of all kinds can benefit from . This software will give you a comprehensive overview of your corporate travel spending, and get you in touch with experienced customer support if you encounter any difficulties. It will also help you book travel that’s aligned  with your and streamline your invoice process.

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The best travel and expense management solutions

Now you know what you’re looking out for in your travel expense management solution, let’s take a look at the top six softwares available to you. When booking corporate travel here are some helpful suggestions of travel and expense software applications for organisations to use in 2023.

1. TravelPerk

TravelPerk is a best-in-class business travel management platform that helps customers easily book and manage corporate travel. The solution integrates with other tools, including many popular expense management solutions like and . This ensures you’ve got everything you need on one easy-to-use platform.
TravelPerk’s main benefits include:
TravelPerk also offers a —to help businesses limit unnecessary travel spending. With FlexiPerk, you can claim 80% of your money back when cancelling travel bookings up to two hours in advance.
You can also keep an eye on your sustainability goals with GreenPerk. Businesses can book travel with the environment in mind and hand-picked by the TravelPerk Sustainability team.
TravelPerk’s comprehensive travel management solution is easy-to-use, and the expense management integrations enable you to create one simple workflow for all your corporate travel needs. 
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2. Spendesk

Spendesk Homepage June 24
Spendesk is the spend management solution of choice for leading finance teams – providing 100% visibility over every payment with a real-time dashboard. Finance teams can define budgets and spending limits, and managers can approve purchases automatically. Spendesk automates tedious tasks like invoice payment, manual data entry, and employee reimbursements. 
Spendesk’s benefits include:
  • Unlimited virtual cards for frictionless subscription management and online payments
  • Built-in budgets and spending rules to eliminate rogue spending 
  • Automatic receipt capture with OCR technology
  • Smoother month-end closing every month thanks to automated bookkeeping and streamlined processes
  • Faster, smarter spending decisions
for enhanced travel spend management. Users can enjoy TravelPerk's travel management they know and love with Spendesk's best-in-class spend management solution. These connected spend and travel management tools relieve pressure on both the traveling employee and the finance team.
Here’s how users rate Spendesk on G2 and Capterra:

3. BILL Spend & Expense

Bill Spend Homepage
(formerly Divvy) is a free spend management solution that gives businesses access to the credit they need and the software to manage it. The software is provided for free because BILL Spend & Expense takes a cut of the merchant’s fee whenever you spend using their cards—something that happens with all cards regardless.
Let’s take a look at BILL Spend & Expense’s top features:
  • Unlimited, customisable virtual cards for your business expenses
  • In-depth reporting and insights to give you complete control over business expenses
  • Travel reimbursement software to measure expense claims and mileage reimbursements against specific budgets for added spend visibility
  • Rewards program based on your payoff schedule, with rewards on restaurants, hotels, subscriptions, and more
Here’s how BILL Spend & Expense performs when it comes to ratings:
BILL Spend & Expense to speed up the travel expense management process. The integration gives SMBs in the US a centralized portal to book, manage, and report on travel. 
It gives business travellers and managers complete financial control to limit overspending and get real-time visibility into travel expenses.

4. Ramp

Ramp homepage
is an expense management and finance automation solution that helps businesses cut wasteful spend and simplify payments and reimbursements. Ramp also provides physical and virtual corporate cards, with credit limits for on-the-go spending in line with your company policy.
Ramp’s top features include:
  • Accounting automation to eliminate tedious, time-consuming accounting tasks (when integrated with an accounting solution)
  • Easy to set up spending approval and pre-paid cards with custom budgets
  • AI-powered receipt matching that learns from previous receipt submissions
  • Cards with your company branding for that extra personalised touch
Let’s take a look at Ramp’s review platform ratings:
Ramp is another tool with powerful integrations, . Ramp and TravelPerk work together to provide business travellers with all-in-one travel and expense management—including corporate cards and real-time travel expense updates.

5. Fyle

Fyle homepage
is an expense management software that enables businesses and employees to better manage the expense and reimbursement process. Along with offering accounting and employee data integrations. 
Fyle also integrates with TravelPerk for seamless travel expense reporting. It gives finance teams complete control and visibility over T&E processes.
Fyle’s main benefits include:
  • Easily manage receipts and business travel details
  • Save or submit digital expense reports through a centralized dashboard
  • Ensure travel compliance with set business travel expense reimbursement policies
  • Access credit card management software, which is useful for monitoring and processing company credit cards
Fyle can’t help with organising corporate travel, but its integration with TravelPerk gives travel managers one place to manage all their business travel processes. Any trips booked with Travelperk will be created as expenses within Fyle, with invoices added to the booking as attachments. 
The two solutions work side by side to give you a complete overview of your travel spending.
Fyle provides a simple platform that, when integrated with your favourite solutions, offers a seamless travel and expense management process. With Fyle’s , businesses can manage travel and expenses in a truly connected manner. 
Whenever an invoice is created, a corresponding expense will automatically be added to Fyle and categorised by type.

6. SAP Concur

Sap Concur homepage
SAP Concur is an all-in-one travel and expense management software. It helps automate your work processes for a simple travel management experience. Whether your travellers are spending on hotels, airline tickets, or cabs—it’s all covered.
SAP Concur’s main benefits include:
  • Reduce overall costs with control over your travel and expense management
  • Improve your compliance and help mitigate risks
  • Simple implementations with cloud solutions
  • A scalability solution for growing businesses
  • Mobile optimised for those looking for mobile app capabilities
SAP Concur—like TravelPerk—offers a complete solution for managing business travel and expenditure. However, TravelPerk has a lot more to offer for smaller businesses when it comes to booking corporate travel:
  • A larger inventory means TravelPerk offers deals from a wider variety of travel providers, including deals on flights, accommodation, and car hire.
  • SAP Concur’s pricing can be difficult to estimate, and many features are optional additions. With TravelPerk, you pay when you travel—no unexpected fees or add-ons.
  • TravelPerk’s platform is easy to implement and use, whereas SAP Concur users often report the tool being “”.
with no hassle. SAP Concur offers similar solutions, just without the intuitive interface and expert support team.
Let’s take a look at how SAP Concur stacks up when looking at reviews:
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7. Zoho Expense

Zoho Expense homepage
Zoho Expense is considered one of the top expense management platforms. It offers expense management and corporate travel solutions to businesses of all sizes. It's a great solution for growing businesses that need simple, scalable solutions for expense management.
According to Zoho Expense, its main benefits include:
  • Streamlined corporate travel with automated expense reporting for each trip
  • Notifications to alert team members of updates and changes
  • Real-time spend visibility for an up-to-date overview of any expense data
  • Analytics that can highlight changes required for better travel and expense management
While Zoho Expense offers a comprehensive suite of features, there are areas that customers aren’t quite satisfied with—such as customer service and inventory capabilities. TravelPerk solves these main points by offering:
  • High quality 24/7 customer support with a target response time of 15 seconds
  • An industry-leading inventory that offers TravelPerk’s negotiated rates
  • Key features like and
  • An easy-to-use interface and workflow
Zoho Expense’s main offering is expense management, meaning they fall behind when it comes to corporate travel. TravelPerk provides a seamless approach to both corporate travel and expense management, with an innovative platform and intuitive integrations. 
Plus, users rate TravelPerk higher than Zoho in all key areas—such as .

8. Emburse Certify

Emburse Homepage
Emburse Certify is an expense management software that offers the option to book travel from its in-platform booking tool, or by integrating with another travel management system.
With Emburse Certify, you can deliver expense reports, organise accounts payable, and quickly manage invoices, all on one platform.
According to Emburse Certify, its main benefits include:
  • Workflows for efficient, reliable, and data-rich employee expense management
  • Policy compliance with built-in policy controls
  • Automate the accounts payable process and gain insights into business spend
Let’s also take a look at how Emburse Certify performs on top software review sites:
Emburse Certify offers a powerful expense management solution for businesses big and small. , it can help you ensure that all travel and expenses are under control. TravelPerk helps you manage all things corporate travel, and Emburse Certify streamlines the expense management process—a match made in heaven

When is it the right time to find a travel and expense management solution?

If your company is currently spending too much time and money on business travel, chances are, your business could benefit from a travel and expense management solution.
Managing business travel manually can be an expensive hassle, but travel and expense management solutions can help. Use them to:

What should you look out for in T&E software?

Travel management software enables companies to manage all things business travel. Whether it’s travel booking, traveller tracking, flight changes, or any other corporate travel need, travel management company (TMC) solutions can help simplify your corporate travel.
Consider the following factors, and evaluate how important they are for your travellers’ needs:

A user-friendly travel management platform

You need to ensure all employees can use your T&E software platform, from your IT intern to your CEO. Consider the dashboards that users see when using the software. Are they confusing and outdated, or intuitive and modern?
Look for an expense software that has a comprehensive approach to onboarding and doesn’t require in-depth knowledge to manage business travel. When possible, before committing to a purchase.

Multiple user profiles

The ability to create multiple user profiles is essential for managing your corporate travel program. Different employees have different roles, and not all of them require the same access to your travel management software. User profiles ensure your team has access only to what they need, thus increasing data security and control.

Travel policy integration and compliance

Your organisation likely already has a company travel and expense policy. If it doesn't, you can use our create your own.
Your travel policy outlines the rules relating to travel spending and ensures your employees stay within your travel budget. The software you choose should . That way, you can keep track of travel expenditures and ensure your travellers remain within budget.

A seamless reimbursement process

Expense tracking and receipt scanning capabilities will help you manage expenses and reimbursements efficiently. Receipt scanning, for example, ensures all employees are providing accurate expenses, and that you have evidence of it for VAT and tax purposes.

Automated approval workflows and reporting

Whether it's getting approval on proposed trips or automating the invoicing process, you need a tool that streamlines your travel booking and reporting. This will save your team members substantial time.
Need an easier way to manage expenses for business travel?

Integrations with existing tools

Integrations are essential for a seamless travel management process. When choosing a software, look out for integration capabilities with:
  • Accounting software
  • Travel management software
  • Time-tracking tools
  • HR tools
  • Team management software
  • Calendar software

Travel and expense management software for your business

Travel and expense management solutions help companies organise and manage corporate travel and its associated expenses. With the right expense management process in place, businesses can cut costs and reduce hassle.
A comprehensive travel and expense management solution helps both travel managers and finance managers create more cost-effective travel programs. to find out how TravelPerk can simplify your corporate travel and provide key insights to continuously optimise your travel processes.
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