The top 5 ATPI alternatives to consider in 2024

01 Dec 2023 · 10
Managing business travel operations without travel management software is like driving around an unfamiliar city without GPS -- you’ll eventually reach your destination, but you can expect the journey to be longer, more stressful, and more expensive.
is a must-have for companies where employees are often on the road for work. ATPI, a global travel company that’s been operational in the industry for over 20 years, is a popular corporate travel management tool -- but it’s not the best option for every business.
Here, we explore the five best ATPI competitors and alternatives, including features, benefits, and pricing to help you make an informed decision based on your specific needs.

1. TravelPerk

is an end-to-end travel management company (TMC) with an all-in-one digital platform for businesses and corporate travellers.
The modern platform is built with traveller self-management at its core and enables users to manage the business travel booking process from beginning to end from its centralised platform. From travel management reporting and trip approvals to and , TravelPerk provides a best-in-class experience for business travellers and finance managers.
As well as access to the world’s largest travel and , TravelPerk offers the most comprehensive and unique set of corporate travel features. These include a , a , and , an add-on that allows users to cancel their travel plans up to two hours before departure with a guaranteed refund of 80%.

TravelPerk noteworthy features

On top of the comprehensive features listed above, TravelPerk also offers a solution and enables users to book alternative transportation options, such as and from within the TravelPerk platform.

How customers rate TravelPerk

  • G2 rating: 4.6/5 (as of October 2023)
  • Capterra rating: 4.8/5 (as of October 2023)

TravelPerk pricing

Since TravelPerk is suitable for businesses of all sizes, there are four pricing plans to choose from, starting with a free tier. All plans have access to the world’s largest travel inventory and customer care support team, and customers can add an unlimited amount of travelers or administrators to the platform.
Across all of TravelPerk’s paid plans, businesses only pay the monthly fee if they travel that month. Here’s an overview of TravelPerk’s pricing tiers:
  • Starter: This plan is free to use, meaning there is no monthly subscription fee. Plus, the first 5 bookings each month are completely free too, with a 5% booking fee thereafter. Users have access to consolidated invoicing, unlimited cost centers, one policy and approval workflow, and travel restrictions information and alerts.
  • Premium: Priced at $99/month with a 3% booking fee, this plan offers concierge services for special requests, savings of up to 25% with VAT-ready invoices, and secure traveller sign-in and automated user setup.
  • Pro: This plan costs $299/month with a 3% booking fee and provides unlimited policy and approval workflows, unlimited budgets by cost center, custom reports and insights, and access to corporate rates.
  • Enterprise: This tier is designed for enterprise businesses that want to customisze their requirements. To find out more about this plan, .

Languages supported by TravelPerk

TravelPerk supports the following languages: English, Spanish, German, Italian, and French.

ATPI vs TravelPerk

Since ATPI does not have any user reviews across the most well-known third-party review sites, it’s difficult to compare the solution with TravelPerk from a user perspective.
TravelPerk’s customers on the other hand rave about the platform’s comprehensive features and user experience. Speaking of their experience, , “Easy and intuitive interface, with a good range of choices & parameters to find the flight & accommodation which perfectly suits your business travel needs. Onboarding is really easy as you understand everything needed in a second. The approval from my manager was swift without any trouble.”
While ATPI specialises in providing travel services to specific industries (ATPI Marine & Energy, for example), TravelPerk comes out on top when it comes to a direct feature comparison.
TravelPerk offers a larger travel inventory, a better customer support function, and more integrations with a number of third-party apps for a seamless user experience (ATPI does not provide a significant third-party integration library -- only the Direct ATPI module integrates with Microsoft Teams).
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2. Clarity

Clarity is a global business travel platform that offers booking, reporting, and traveller-tracking solutions for companies in the infrastructure, energy, academic, retail, sports, and public sectors. 
The platform aims to improve the cost-effectiveness of , policy compliance rates, and resource optimisation.

Clarity noteworthy features

  • A large travel inventory that incorporates over one million hotels and 80 airlines.
  • AirHelp, a solution that helps users claim compensation for delayed or canceled flights.
  • 24/7 traveller alerts to keep your employees informed and safe while on the road.

How customers rate Clarity

  • G2 rating: Clarity is not listed on G2.
  • Capterra rating: Clarity is not listed on Capterra.

Clarity pricing

Clarity doesn't share pricing information on their website -- you’ll need to contact them to obtain a quote.

Languages supported by Clarity

Clarity only supports the English language.

ATPI vs Clarity

Neither ATPI nor Clarity has a presence on the most popular user review sites. However, one user on another review platform spoke of their , saying, “I've had issues all three times I've used it. The website is painfully slow, buggy, and non-intuitive and the customer service is tedious. The first time I used it they failed to send me my tickets (I was emailed a dead link) and only received them days before travel after multiple mostly futile emails where I was emailed back by a different person every time.”
While ATPI does offer carbon offsetting solutions and corporate event management packages, Clarity caters to a wider range of industries and a more modern platform for streamlined business travel.

3. Agiito

Based in the United Kingdom, Agiito is a travel, meetings, and events management company that places traveller safety, duty of care, and well-being at the heart of businesses’ travel programs. To ensure the safety of travellers, Agiito offers 24/7 customer support and robust risk management processes.

Agiito noteworthy features

  • An inventory that includes 260 of the world's leading airlines and over 300,000 properties.
  • For air travel, the company provides a dedicated support team for group travel requirements.
  • For rail travel, Agiito provides a user-friendly online booking tool.

How customers rate Agiito

  • G2 rating: Agiito is not listed on G2.
  • Capterra rating: Agiito is not listed on Capterra.

Agiito pricing

Agiito doesn't share pricing information on their website -- you’ll need to contact them to obtain a quote.

Languages supported by Agiito

Agiito only supports the English language.

ATPI vs Agiito

Agiito does not have a presence on the most popular user review sites. In fact, we couldn’t find any legitimate customer reviews for Agiito across the web.
In terms of features, ATPI provides more robust functionality for global business travel programs, including an online booking tool for all types of travel, a travel dashboard, and global buying power to access reduced fares. While ATPI might be a better fit for larger businesses and corporations, Agiito, with its limited travel options, might be more suited to smaller businesses without such extensive travel requirements.

4. CTM Travel

CTM Travel is a corporate travel management platform that offers business travel and management services. The company specialises in corporate travel and events and leisure trips, and helps businesses manage their wholesale travel spend.
As well as online booking tools and travel reporting features, CTM Travel also helps businesses work towards their sustainability goals.

CTM Travel noteworthy features

  • A user-friendly online booking tool that includes built-in approval processes for quicker travel management.
  • An airfare forecasting tool for more informed planning decisions and cost savings.
  • CTM consolidates travel information from various sources, including APIs to offer customers travel content via the most budget-friendly channels.

How customers rate CTM Travel

  • G2 rating: 1.8/5 (Note that this rating is based on only one user review, as of October 2023)
  • Capterra rating: CTM Travel is not listed on Capterra.

CTM Travel pricing

CTM Travel doesn't share pricing information on their website -- you’ll need to contact them to obtain a quote.

Languages supported by CTM Travel

CTM Travel only supports the English language.

ATPI vs CTM Travel

CTM Travel does not have much of a presence on the most popular user review sites. The -- titled “Better off on your own” -- spoke of the problems they’ve experienced with CTM Travel: “Over the last year, they have taken a turn for the worse. Our rep is always MIA and doesn't respond or help. Might be lucky to get help after several follow-up emails. After they had to do backend maintenance for 3 days, our OBT was never restored and they didn't do much or were that concerned. WE had to find a workaround solution but still was not a full site. 6 months later and still no help or solution.”
Compared to ATPI, CTM Travel seems to provide a sleeker interface and more user-friendly features, with fewer independent solutions and modules. Whereas ATPI is geared toward specific industries, CTM Travel caters to all sectors.
Both solutions offer sustainability and offsetting features (ATPI Halo is a carbon offsetting program designed to reduce emissions), while neither provides a huge library of third-party integrations.

5. FCM Travel

FCM Travel is a comprehensive online travel management solution, encompassing travel account management, expense tracking, and safety and risk management.
The company also delivers specialised travel consulting and in-depth reporting services, as well as destination and event management support.

FCM Travel noteworthy features

  • A customisable travel approval system tailored to individual company travel policies.
  • A traveller safety function with round-the-clock access to a range of travel risk management tools.
  • A simplified approval process through the consolidation of travel approvals from various booking tools and devices into a unified dashboard.

How customers rate FCM Travel

  • G2 rating: 5/5 (Note that this rating is based on only one user review, as of October 2023)
  • Capterra rating: FCM Travel is not listed on Capterra.

FCM Travel pricing

FCM Travel doesn't share pricing information on their website -- you’ll need to contact them to obtain a quote.

Languages supported by FCM Travel

FCM Travel only supports the English language.

ATPI vs FCM Travel

The only user review we could find for FCM travel across the most popular review sites was a 5* . The review also only mentions the booking and expense management process and gives no insight into the platform as a whole.
However, in a direct feature comparison, FCM Travel has the edge over ATPI, with AI-powered features including alerts, reporting analysis, and booking tips based on preferred carriers. Additionally, FCM Travel aims to “deliver an ESG-centric travel programme”, focused on an environmental, social, and governance strategy.

Wrapping up: Which ATPI alternative is best for your business?

Whether you’re looking to replace ATPI as your business travel platform or are just starting your search for the best TMCs, the good news is that there are plenty of ATPI alternatives that cater to the entire travel industry -- the trick is finding the right provider for your specific needs.
However, bear in mind that managing your company’s entire business travel program is no small feat, and requires an all-in-one travel management solution that helps you automate processes, provides employee self-service features, keeps travellers safe, and delivers valuable insights.
TravelPerk’s platform outperforms ATPI in terms of features, ease of use, itinerary management, integrations, and reporting capabilities -- as well as an extensive and . To find out how you can optimise business travel spending and maximisze ROI, .
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