Moss is a spend management solution that encompasses corporate cards, invoice management, reimbursement and controlling modules that help finance teams save thousands of hours in manual data processing and gain complete control while enabling their teams.

The integration between Moss and TravelPerk will help companies stay in control of business and travel expenses while giving their employees the freedom to book within pre-set guidelines.

Customers will be able to seamlessly pull receipts from TravelPerk to Moss and export them directly into their accounting software when a Moss card is added to Travelperk as a payment method.

Automated pre-accounting helps Finance managers to save hours each month by replacing manual data entry with digitized processes. By freeing up time, teams can focus on the value-added tasks that really make a difference to the business, rather than getting bogged down in boring admin.

How the integration works:

  1. Make a booking on TravelPerk with a Moss card.
  2. The invoice will get fetched and added to your expense in Moss.
  3. Moss will receive the transaction details from Mastercard and set the expense category automatically.
  4. A manager can add tags or notes to their finance team.