How to create a business travel itinerary + free template for 2024

30 Dec 2022 · 2
If you need to manage business trips you’ll know that a travel itinerary is an absolute must.
You’ll need it as a travel manager to quickly and easily compile travel information for travelling employees. A complete and straightforward itinerary makes business trips that much easier.
A good business travel itinerary includes:
  • Flight details
    • Flight numbers
    • Travel schedule
    • Departure times
    • Arrival times
    • Layovers
    • Travel agency information
    • Airline and reservation information
    • Other important travel details
  • Transportation information
    • Car rental pricing and details
    • Pick-up locations
    • Transfers
  • Accommodation details
    • Hotel booking check-ins
    • Hotel information
    • Reservation details
    • Check-out time
  • Trip details
    • Meeting schedule
    • Trip planner
    • Daily activities
    • Event or conference information
  • Plus any trip-specific extra info.!
This printable business trip itinerary is great to have when you’re not using a travel management platform—but a travel management platform takes your travel itinerary management to the next level.
A takes care of your travel itinerary by taking details from the booking you make and manage from within the platform. It enables travel managers to quickly create business travel itineraries for traveling employees–which can be printed off or accessed via the available app.
Alongside the benefits a TMC has when creating a travel itinerary, it’s also useful when things don’t go to plan. Travel management companies often offer —meaning they’re able to come to the rescue if there are unexpected issues. Plus, the software makes post-trip reporting a whole lot easier, too!
If you’re ready to start optimizing your business travel with a travel management platform, . Otherwise, take a look at our for your team to use on business trips.

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