PayEm is the global spend management & procurement platform that automates the entire request-to-reconciliation process for finance and procurement teams.

PayEm customers will automatically receive TravelPerk invoices in their PayEm account in real time. If their ERP is integrated with PayEm, all of their spend data will be seamlessly passed into the accounting system.

Benefits of the TravelPerk <> PayEm integration:

  • Automatic invoice matching
  • Invoices transfer to PayEm in real-time
  • Automatic bill creation and ability to schedule wire/ACH payment
  • Automatic ERP transaction sync

Why integrate with PayEm?

  1. PayEm comes with a handy mobile app to help you handle work on the go.
  2. Admins can set up customized approval flows and save time on admin work - same as with automated travel approvals on TravelPerk!
  3. Users have their invoice data captured automatically with OCR, saving them from entering expenses manually.
  4. PayEm comes with AP inbox/email collection features.
  5. With Budget Enforcement feature Finance leaders are able to control spend before it happens.
  6. PayEm offers a Requisition Form, empowering employees to submit ALL requests.
  7. Thanks to API Integration with top ERP systems, you can build a fully automated flow of your company's transactions — for example, business travel invoices will smoothly flow from TravelPerk to PayEm and to ERP.