50% Time saved
400 Monthly trips
6 International offices

Fast corporate travel booking and happy travelers

Netcentric, A Cognizant Digital Business, is a digital service provider that transforms customer experiences for the world’s greatest brands by unleashing the full potential of Adobe Experience Cloud. Founded in 2012, the company now has 9 offices across Europe, with more than half of the Netcentric team enjoying TravelPerk’s self-booking tool on a regular basis.

"Our travelers have more control with TravelPerk. They don’t need to wait for a booking. They can take the responsibility and look at the prices and make the decision. There’s not a lot of back and forth over Slack about booking."

Laura Jollit, Events Marketing Coordinator at Netcentric

The big event

Managing standard travel with TravelPerk is going smoothly, but what about an upcoming event with over 400 employees, guests and speakers from several cities across Europe? Self-booking would have driven up costs for such a big event, which requires combining travelers into smaller groups for flights, ground transportation and more. Enter TravelPerk’s Group Booking Specialists - working closely with Netcentric’s Events Manager, Laura.

"It was a full day event. If I had to deal with the bus company and airlines myself… it would have been impossible!"

Laura Jollit, Events Marketing Coordinator at Netcentric

The company has a policy and approval workflow in place, so that if the trip is above a certain amount, they must get it approved by their advocate, who is typically the project lead.

Group booking support to the rescue

Most of TravelPerk’s group booking requests can be handled by one specialist, but because this was such a large event, TravelPerk assembled a small team to help, including Giacomo, Vincent, and Eulalia. Jollit worked directly with the TravelPerk specialists, who were available via phone, email, and Slack for any questions or concerns during the entire process.

"Apart from saving time, the team took away a lot of my stress. It was so nice to know that they were there for me!"

Laura Jollit, Events Marketing Coordinator at Netcentric

“From the start, we created a Typeform to send out to all of our attendees, giving them the options of flights.” says Jollit.

TravelPerk then received all the Typeform results and grouped them to get the best prices possible and made sure that flights were booked for them, as well as airport transfers and private transfers. They also managed the confirmation emails and the group check-ins the day of the event.

In addition to assisting with the booking process from organization through execution, the TravelPerk specialists were able to keep everything under budget. There was a cost limit for the entire event, and the team helped keep travel related costs on track.

Saving time for important event management tasks

We also had to manage the buses from the airports to Tarragona with flights arriving at different times, from different terminals on different dates,” explains Jollit. Working alongside Jollit, the TravelPerk specialists not only booked travel for all of these different groups, but also handled last-minute issues for the travelers who missed their flights or busses.

Having three TravelPerk specialists on board for travel booking helped Jollit give more time and attention to other critical event management tasks.

“It was a full day event, so you can imagine there were a few breakout sessions, experimental sessions, creating a new welcome video, managing the hotel, managing the venue,” Jollit explains.

The lost art of excellent service (and stress management!)

“Apart from saving time, the team took away a lot of my stress,” says Jollit. “It was so nice to know that these three were there for me. They put in their best efforts everywhere.”

The quick response times and can-do attitude really stood out. “Just to have this feeling that they were already doing their best calms you down as an events manager,” says Jollit. “Whenever I called or sent a Slack message, I got a response pretty much straight away. It makes you feel special.”

The TravelPerk team really went above and beyond by following up with attendees for necessary information and by directly coordinating private transfers and accommodations with the VIPs. “We could trust them to deal directly with our VIP guests,” says Jollit. “TravelPerk helped us organize the private cars and find a good price.”

Global support from a global team

“We had a few little problems here and there of course but mainly due to some technical issues, less to do with the TravelPerk team. They did an awesome job,” says Jollit. “They were always there for us.”

One of the biggest benefits of using TravelPerk for corporate travel management is the access to truly global, 24/7 support. Netcentric’s previous solution, a small local agency, wasn’t able to provide around the clock assistance in multiple languages. Now Netcentric employees enjoy travel support in their native languages at any hour of the day.

Even better, the TravelPerk experience includes world-class booking specialists who can handle complex global travel booking and management assistance for events of any size!