And in our business, we work with colleagues that are trustworthy, ethical and fun. What is our secret sauce? Developing innovative tech and hiring hungry, humble, and, smart people.

To attract the smartest of people, Barcelona was an obvious choice.


Because it’s a cosmopolitan city, with a thriving international community, and a booming tech startup scene...

Just like TravelPerk.

And to top it off, the great weather, balance of city and nature, and excellent quality of life makes it a place people love to live in.

This is why we wouldn't want to be anywhere else.

Just have a look how beautiful Barcelona is.

Barcelona view

Anyone who lives here will ask you – why not?!

But since you don’t live here (that could change pretty soon!), here’s a run-down of what makes this city a joy to live in:

  • The high quality of life combined with affordable living.
  • It’s no secret that London is expensive to travel around, and the high rental prices in Berlin are no joke.
  • Although prices have risen slightly in the last few years, Barcelona is still one of the most affordable places to live in Europe.
  • In fact, rental prices here are around 40% cheaper than London and Paris.
Cost of living

(information is according to Expatistan)


This city is compact and incredibly easy to commute in.

The metro, tram, train and bus take you around and out of the city far quicker than places like Paris and London (where you could be looking at an hour’s commute to the office). Unlimited use for just 54 EUR per month.

Plus, the Bicing bike system allows you to use a pedal bike to get from A to B in this bike-friendly city - and the bike-only lanes are always growing. All for less than 50 EUR per year.

It's easy to find any of those transports as signs are everywhere around Barcelona. Transport Barcelona logos

And if the cool commutability wasn’t enough, there are endless activities and opportunities for tech professionals that are on almost every night.

Barcelona may be smaller in size than London or Paris, but the tech events hosted here really pack a punch.

From the Mobile World Conference, EU Startups Summit and monthly events with Startup Grind - there are dozens of weekly events geared towards engineers, founders, investors and digital experts.

Every day presents a new and different opportunity to network and make connections – both personal and professional.

And when you’re ready to tune up your knowledge, the TravelPerk University supports you in whatever you want to learn next.

Lifelong learning is at the heart of what makes our people so smart.

What’s more, TravelPerk will support you with your move into the city so you settle quickly.

Take a look at what one of our colleagues Michael says about his experience:

TravelPerk gave me all the tools and opportunities to settle in. They made me feel like I was part of the family from the very beginning. They preached that in order for me to be successful in the workplace I had to be settled outside.

Michael Rosizky Sales Team Lead


And… can you say beach, sun and mountains?

Unlike other European cities with grey skies, Barcelona has few grey days and enough sun to keep the tan topped up year round.

Barcelona has the best of all worlds with beaches full of soft, Mediterranean sand, and mountains just a stone's’ throw away. All combined with amazing weather to truly enjoy them all.

And with the flexible working hours offered at TravelPerk, you also have time in your life to enjoy the lot.

2. Suits all tastes

Whether you love art, music, food or all three at once, Barcelona is the place to enjoy the fine life.

From tiny bars in Raval where local artists play nightly, to the famous Gaudi structures decorating the city, to exhibitions and street art to sizzle your senses.

The bonus? Each Barrio in the city has its own personality that comes to life during the many fiestas throughout the year (like the famous Fiesta de Gracia).

And at TravelPerk, we enjoy all of that as a team. Your hard work is rewarded through quarterly company events with plenty of food, drinks and laughs (we enjoy a lot of those).


What are you waiting for?

So here’s your invitation – come live in Barcelona!

If the warm weather, endless beaches and high quality of life isn’t enough, working with TravelPerk definitely will be.

Our workspace is locked and loaded with healthy food, standing (and sitting!) desks, wellness programs and the finest tech gear for you to comfortably make an impact.

And if you’re lucky, one of our office dogs may come over and say hello.

We’re a growing tech company with big ambitions.

Click here to see the roles we’re currently hiring for.

And who knows, you could be the next ‘TravelPerker’ we hire to join us ☺

TravelPerk team in Barcelona