How your company can win $50,000 in TravelPerk business travel credit

Good news travelers—we're offering your company a chance to win $50,000 in TravelPerk business travel credit. All you need to do is jump over to LinkedIn and tell us why business travel is so important for your company.  
Our prize draw competition is in celebration of our fresh-off-the-press report “.” 
Whether you’ve been meticulously planning to enter new markets, , or looking to do some networking at an upcoming conference—here's your chance to do it with TravelPerk.  
Before you start packing your bags and planning your itinerary, here are the exact steps you need to take to enter for a chance to win $50,000 worth of TravelPerk credits.
and win $50,000 in TravelPerk credits

How to win $50,000 in TravelPerk business travel credit

Business travel isn’t just about meetings and conferences. It’s crucial for company growth, maintaining existing customer relationships, and keeping your employees engaged. Whether you’re preparing for , or planning on winning new business—it’s easy to see that travel is worth investing in. 
To celebrate our report “The Value of Business Travel” (and the rise of business travel itself) we’re offering your company a chance to win $50,000 in Travelperk credit.
Here’s all you need to do to enter:
  1. Follow the link below to head straight to our LinkedIn post
  2. Comment on the post and share how business travel is valuable for you and/or your company
  3. Tag your company
It’s as simple as that! We’re looking forward to reading your viewpoints on the value of business travel. We’re eager to generate conversation and understand just how business travel makes a difference when it comes to growth, employee engagement, and everything in between.

Wondering what to say for your competition entrance?

Posting on LinkedIn can be a little daunting—especially if you don’t do it often. Here are a few talking points from our Value of Business Travel Report to get you started.

The Value of Business Travel Report: who we studied and what we found

To bring you a comprehensive overview into the value of business travel, we surveyed business travel decision-makers from 2,000 companies. That includes 540 C-Suite leaders, 4,600 business travelers, and 625 travel managers.

What did we find out? Here’s the first leg of the journey:
  • Business travel budgets are evolving: CEOs are expecting travel budgets to increase in 2024, and 49% of business travel decision-makers expect travel budgets to increase again into 2025
  • Business travel drives revenue and relationships: with 76% of CEOs stating travel budgets are positively impacting company revenue and 95% of the C-suite stating they’d lose customers without in-person meetings
  • Employees love business travel: 63% of them say traveling for work makes them more likely to stay in their current job!
Discover why business travel matters with TravelPerk's report.
But that’s not all. There are more exciting things in store for the future of business travel:
  • Business travel might be a game-changer for Gen Z: 79% of Gen Z want to travel for work, up from 72% of millennials
  • AI is increasing the need for in-person meetings: 38% of CEOs say their company’s investment in AI will increase the need for in-person meetings facilitated by business travel
Hopefully, you’ve now got some inspiration for your LinkedIn comment. Let’s look at the terms and conditions for entering.

TravelPerk competition Ts&Cs

Campaign Overview

Following the release of , TravelPerk is launching a campaign (including a prize draw competition where participating companies have the opportunity to win a $50,000 business travel credit).  

Eligibility Requirements

  1. Participants: only companies are eligible to enter to win (individuals entering on behalf of their company must have their permission to do so, and be 18 years of age or older). Existing customers of TravelPerk are also eligible to enter, but employees of TravelPerk are not.
  2. Entry Limit: only one entry per individual participating on behalf of the company will be counted. If multiple entries are submitted, only the first entry will be considered.
  3. Company Size: only SMB companies with 50-5,000 employees are eligible to participate.
  4. Location: the campaign is open to companies located in the UK, US, Spain and Germany.
  5. Engagement: companies must either complete a form (in person at the Business Travel Show) or engage with the relevant TravelPerk post (by commenting on it) on LinkedIn. 
  6. No consideration is required: other than completing the relevant form to participate, TravelPerk does not require any further participation from you (a participating company) to enter the competition.

Selection Process

1. Initial Filtering: the deadline for submissions is 08/19/2024. Entries from all channels shall be collated and the top 100 finalists shall be selected based on the quality and authenticity of their insights and in the case of the social media post the overall level of engagement with their post.
2. Random Draw: A random draw shall then be conducted from these top 100 finalists to select the ultimate prize winner. The winner of the competition will be contacted by 08/22/2024.

Prize Conditions & Disclaimers

1. We may follow up with those who participate in the competition for marketing purposes. For more details, please see our .
2. Account Creation: if successful, an authorized representative of the winning company shall need to sign up to a TravelPerk account, agreeing to comply with the TravelPerk and passing a simple TravelPerk sanctions screening check.
3. Tax Treatment of the Credit: the winning company may be subject to tax on the prize (depending on the jurisdiction it is registered in), and shall be entirely responsible for its obligations in respect of the same.
4. Limitation of use period: the $50,000 credit must be used within the first 12 months from creation of the TravelPerk account. Any unused credit after this period will be withdrawn.  
5. Credit is directly to the account: the credit cannot be exchanged for cash.
6. No overages: the winning company may only spend up to $50,000 on trips exactly, it is not possible for payments in respect of a specific trip to be part paid utilizing the winning credit amount and also part paid in cash.

What comes with TravelPerk?

If you do win, and sign up to TravelPerk to spend your credits, you’ll have access to TravelPerk’s favorite features for streamlining business travel:
Wishing you the very best of luck, and if you do win, send us a postcard! 
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