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Implementing a modern corporate travel solution

9 Sep 2016

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Implementing a modern corporate travel solution

Day in and day out, your goal as corporate travel manager is to make the many processes surrounding business travel faster, easier and cheaper for everyone from your regular travelers to executive assistants to even other travel managers.

While there are many tips and tricks that can be used to do so, implementing a digital corporate travel solution like TravelPerk is by far one of the most effective ways to streamline your travel department.

Since most digital corporate travel solutions aggressively focus on finding the best prices for flights and hotels, an obvious benefit for your organization is a financial one. In addition, when your travelers are empowered to use a digital corporate travel solution, it cuts down on the amount of time it takes to arrange business travel across the board.

Of course, doing so is easier said than done. If you’re looking to enjoy the benefits of a digital corporate travel solution, then our guide below will help you — and everyone you work with — adopt one smoothly.

Ensure traveler comfort

Persuading yourself and even higher level executives of the benefits of a digital corporate travel solution is straightforward because on paper, the savings and gains in efficiency speak for themselves. However, that approach doesn’t work quite as well with everyone else on your team.

Humans are creatures of habit; business travelers, even more so. This is why it is important to reassure everyone who’ll be exposed to the new digital booking system that its benefits will not just serve the company’s interests, but theirs too. The benefit of a 24-hour customer service line can help assure your travelers that any issue they encounter can be dealt with quickly, a valuable perk since most digital corporate travel solutions emphasize self-booking.

Anticipate potential problems

The key to any successful project is the amount of preparation put in. Implementing a digital corporate travel solution in your organization is no different. Putting enough time into its preparation makes the difference between a high adoption rate and low one.

A great way to anticipate problems is by working closely with your organization. With others, brainstorm potential pain points for new users to the system. Since this will be a radical change for everyone in your organization, it is important to keep in mind the individual user journey so that they aren’t turned off.

Use the insights gained through this brainstorming to optimize your business travel booking workflow for a smoother experience. The easier it is for your employees to use the new solution, the more likely they’ll use it over what they’re already comfortable with.

Run a trial

It’s one thing to brainstorm abstract ideas, and it’s an entirely other thing to actually use data gained from testing things out.

In this case, test something like TravelPerk out with three to five of your organization’s top travelers before going live. Since it’s a completely free platform, you have nothing to lose and there are absolutely no strings attached — perfect for feeling out just how we can positively impact your business.

By holding this sort of trial over a period of a few months, you’ll be equipped with greater insights into how the solution would realistically be used. And with them, you’ll pave the way for everyone else to have a better experience.

Use insights to create educational experiences

The information you obtain from your top travelers will be essential to determining the best method to educate them. The more they understand and are comfortable with the new tool, the higher its adoption rate will ultimately be.

  • Depending on the size of your organization, employ classroom-style trainings alongside informational material like PDFs detailing the nuances of the solution.
  • After, track those who use it successfully and those still using an older method or who are just stuck. For the latter, target them with 15 to 20-minute one-on-one trainings to help them resolve any lingering uncertainties.
  • Train all new employees to the organization in using the new system as a part of your on-boarding process.

By following this guide, you have a good idea of what the steps you need to take as a corporate travel manager to successfully integrate a digital corporate travel solution . Since TravelPerk was designed to make everything about booking business travel more streamlined, travelers will have a better experience incorporating it into their own travel workflow — and as a result, your business will certainly benefit. Learn more about it here.

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