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5 trendy accommodations beyond Airbnb

4 Oct 2015 4 MIN READ

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Gone are the days where hotels and hostels were the only options in which to lay your head when on the road. Airbnb revolutionized the sharing economy and at the same time pioneered a new trend of incredibly innovative ways to globe trot in style, while not burning a hole in your wallet.

If you’re looking for quirky, creative or off the beaten path, here are five trendy accommodations beyond Airbnb for your business trips that are sure to intrigue.

1. Hybrids

This is an emerging trend of concept lodging, one that combines luxury and frivolous with budget and basics. Poshpacker, eg; the ‘upscale-backpacker’, is an excellent platform for those with a backpacker mentality, yet a desire for a bit of posh sophistication. The site only showcases vetted institutional accommodation, meaning official legal hoteliers. “These are places with an onsite staff, which are secure, have permits and pay taxes,” Co-Founder & CEO, Anna Kojzar told TravelPerk. “We curate our selection based on our P’s Philosophy of presence, privacy, people, perks and price.

This ensures all of our Poshpacker Picks have a cool design aspect (presence), have at least one private room or pod (privacy), have an on-site staff and are social where you can meet others (people), offer cool amenities like free Wi-Fi or breakfast  (perks) and are affordable.” She says most accommodations are less than $100USD per person per night depending on the destination and season. Not only does Poshpackers have the world's largest offering of Poshtels (upscale hostels - see #2), it also provides an extensive selection of eclectic places to stay including caves, boats, pods and even igloos for those who dare to pack their parka.

2. Designer Hostels

Unless you’re on the backpacking trail, most people shudder at the thought of a hostel. Thanks to Poshtels (see #1) and brands like Generator, what people envision when they hear the word hostel is rapidly evolving; the classic definition of hostel is now being infused with a touch of class. As the fastest growing hostel brand in Europe, Generator features en-suite bathrooms, fast and free Wi-Fi as well as custom designed beds for an amazing night’s sleep. The brand currently has locations in Berlin, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Dublin, Hamburg, London, Venice, Paris, Rome, with Amsterdam on the way in 2016.

3. Airplanes

And no we’re talking about en route to your destination. If you’re on a business trip through or to Sweden and you have an affinity for airplanes or just want to try something different, Jumbo Stay will give you a night to remember. Situated at Arlanda Airport in Stockholm, this Boeing 747 has 27 rooms with a total of 76 beds. Rooms are around 6m2 and 3 meters high, with a few of them offering private bathrooms and showers. It is one of the most trendy accommodations alternatives for business trips at the moment!

For those looking for a slightly classier airplane evening, the luxury suite in the converted cockpit offers panoramic views of the airport. For a live tour of this Jumbo Jet check out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IetAdBqo2cY

4. Bare & Basic

Strip away the frills and go back to the basics. That’s what budget boutique hotels, such as Nitenite are championing. Located in the center of Birmingham, Nitenite markets itself as a niche hotel, catering to those looking for a room with the bare necessities and without the price tag. Instead of a window, there’s a 42-inch-plasma-screen TV with a live view of the city. In addition, there’s 24-hour front desk and free Wi-Fi throughout. Depending on the season, prices range from roughly 50-100 Euros for a room and 100-150 Euros for one of their apartments.

5. Residences

What happens to University dorm rooms when school’s out for the summer? It’s not a question most of us ask when considering where to stay while traveling. Many dorms are turned into extremely affordable, accommodation options for the frugal traveler. Depending on how posh you want to go, room prices can vary contingent on the campus. For example, a single room in Paris can be around 50 Euros with a double room going for 85 Euros. Universityrooms.com is a great platform featuring dorms around the world, including Canada, the U.S. parts of Europe, Africa and Asia.

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